Conor McGregor

Superfan spends €11,500 on tattoos, trips

18 Nov, 2016

shonagh-nelson-tattooShonagh Nelson, a hairdresser from Downpatrick, County Down, says she has spent over €11,500 on trips to Las Vegas and Manchester to follow McGregor, as well as a McGregor tattoo. She wants McGregor to sign her thigh so she can have his signature tattooed

I’m a young mum of a little boy and I’m sure I’ll get told I’ve wasted all that money. But I work hard for a living…and we are doing what makes us happy as a family. We all love Conor McGregor and I’d count us as super-fans. We’re not asking anyone to pay for our hobby…The tattoo cost me £600 but I’m so pleased with it. I just hope Conor will get to hear about my passion for his sporting prowess and allow me to get that autograph. I’m going prepared and in hope. It’s the best I can do.

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