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24 Oct, 2014

Sheriff’s statement

Scott Jones Scaramento SheriffJones:

To the men and women of the sheriff’s department, we live as a family, today we will grieve as a family and tomorrow, we will start healing as a family. I pray for each and every one of you that you will find the courage that I know you have.

Identified as Sacramento deputy

2014-sac-shootings-danny-oliver-photoOliver is is identified as the Sacramento deputy who was shot. He had a wife and two daughters, and was a fifteen-year veteran of the force. He served on the Problem Oriented Policing unit for 12 years, and in the county jail for three years before that. It was known in the morning that he did not survive the shooting, but the department held off making an announcement as his wife was out of town and had to be reached, then fly back to Sacramento. Sheriff Jones:

[He was an] outstanding officer

Former Sheriff McGinness:

[He was a] passionate, good soul

Shoots policeman

2014-sac-shootings-motel-6A Sacramento county sheriff’s deputy is shot once in the forehead in the parking lot of the Motel 6 located on Arden Way and Ethan Way in Sacramento. The shooting occurs around 10:22 local as he responds to a suspicious vehicle with a man and woman sitting inside. The shooter uses an AR-15. Oliver does not get a shot off, but his partner is able to fire on the suspect. A motel guest says he saw the police vehicle drive around the back, and heard automatic fire:

I walked to the back, looked over the rail and saw the officer down

Second witness:

If you snuck outside you could see him lying there. I heard the shots, like nine of them. It was terrible.

She says responding emergency crews performed chest compressions on the officer before he was placed on a gurney and taken to a hospital. The male and female suspects flee in a car.

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