2014 Sacramento shootingsDanny OliverMarcelo Marquez

Shoots policeman

24 Oct, 2014

2014-sac-shootings-motel-6A Sacramento county sheriff’s deputy is shot once in the forehead in the parking lot of the Motel 6 located on Arden Way and Ethan Way in Sacramento. The shooting occurs around 10:22 local as he responds to a suspicious vehicle with a man and woman sitting inside. The shooter uses an AR-15. Oliver does not get a shot off, but his partner is able to fire on the suspect. A motel guest says he saw the police vehicle drive around the back, and heard automatic fire:

I walked to the back, looked over the rail and saw the officer down

Second witness:

If you snuck outside you could see him lying there. I heard the shots, like nine of them. It was terrible.

She says responding emergency crews performed chest compressions on the officer before he was placed on a gurney and taken to a hospital. The male and female suspects flee in a car.

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