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9 Dec, 2014

Always A-List interview


Otunga talks to Always A-List about working on projects outside of wrestling and if he has left WWE entirely.

No, not yet. I’m still with them. I’m focusing on some other stuff, but I’m looking to get back there. I’d like to win a singles title. But you haven’t seen the last of me.

29 Jul, 2014

General Hospital cameo

Otunga portrays himself in General Hospital cameo. The episode features a patient who wants to meet their favorite wrestler.

 I thought that was so cool. I come from the film world, too, where it’s take after take after take. But this is like one rehearsal and then you shoot it and we did it on the first try. It was a lot of fun

4 Aug, 2013

David Otunga interview


Williams interviews David Otunga and questions him on his wife and the tragic murder of his mother in-law and nephew.

You know that was a hard time and back then I was just starting wrestling and I went to Tampa and we had just gotten engaged. So I asked her to come down there and be with me and you know she did obviously. She came down there and that’s where we were when the tragedy took happened. So it’s a blessing in disguise. If she hadn’t come to see me. That’s were she would have been her mom’s house. That’s where she always was if I wasn’t there. So she credits me for saving her life.

David Otunga on The Wendy Williams Show

19 Mar, 2010

WWE.com interview


Otunga talks to WWE.com about his fiance, Jennifer Hudson and the mainstream attention their relationship receives.

Yeah, it seems like everything I do gets a lot of media coverage. That was just one little thing I said and it’s kind of crazy how people just jumped on it and ran with it. Actually, someone asked me the question, “Hey, what do you think about getting married in the ring?” And I told them “Yeah, that would be cool. I don’t think Jennifer would go for it, but it’d be cool.” Now it’s just blown up and evolved, and it’s all over the place.

31 May, 2009

Hudson pregnant

hudsonHudson is pregnant with her first child with Otunga. A baby shower is held for Hudson in downtown Chicago. Felicia Fields:

They’re really trying to keep it kind of quiet. It was a nice time that we had.

14 Sep, 2008

Hudson, Otunga engaged

Hudson and Otunga get engaged after almost one year of dating. Otunga proposes to Hudson on her 27th birthday with a Neil Lane ring. Hudson:

Our relationship is very strong. We’re both huge family people, and I’m only going to get married once. So I’m not rushing into anything.

7 May, 1980

David Otunga born in Elgin, Illinois


Otunga is born in Elgin, Illinois despite being billed from Hollywood, California in the WWE. He is the youngest child in his family. Otunga graduates high school with a perect 4.0 GPA and pursues higher education. He obtains a degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois and a law degree from the Harvard School of Law.

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