Donald TrumpInterview

Doesn’t ‘get’ recent poll drop

27 Oct, 2015

In a call to Morning Joe, Trump says he doesn’t understand his drop in recent polls.

I don’t get it…I’m going there (to Iowa) actually today and I have tremendous crowds and I have tremendous love in the room and, you know, we seem to have hit a chord. But some of these polls coming out, I don’t quite get it.

He says he is stepping up attacks on Ben Carson.

You know Ben wants to knock out Medicare. I heard that over the weekend, he wants to abolish Medicare. And I think, you know, abolishing Medicare. I don’t think you’re going to get away with that one. And it’s actually a program that’s worked…You look at different things having to do with Ben and there’s a lot of contradiction and a lot of questions. We’ll have to see. One thing I know about a front-runner: you get analyzed 15 different ways from China.

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