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Would have Secret Service if Democrat

14 Oct, 2015

In an interview with The Hill, Trump claims that he would have Secret Service protection if he was a Democrat.

They’re in no rush because I’m a Republican. They don’t give a s—.  I want to put them on notice because they should have a liability. Personally, I think if Obama were doing as well as me he would’ve had Secret Service [earlier]. I have by far the biggest crowds. Of course I don’t think they’d want anything to happen. But I would think they should be very proactive and want protection for somebody like me that has 20,000 people at any time,” Trump said. “You would think that they would want to be very proactive, but we have not heard from them.

Trump says members of his private security team have had preliminary conversations with the Secret Service, but the Department of Homeland Security says it has not received an official request from the Trump campaign for protection.

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