Dylan O'BrienFilm Appearance

The Internship

7 Jun, 2013

O’Brien plays Stuart in the comedy directed by Shawn Levy. Stuart and a team of misfit Google interns try to secure jobs at the company using unorthodox tactics that include drunkenness, lapdancing, and Quidditch matches. Co-starring Vince Vaughan, Owen Wilson, Max Minghella, Josh Gad, Tobit Raphael, Max Minghella, Tiya Sircar, and Rose Byrne.

It was the coolest experience ever, for all of us. I’m 21 years old. Five years ago, I was just like a normal kid in high school with my buddies going out and seeing Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn movies. Literally, nonstop quoting these guys around school and joking around all of the time. So it’s just so crazy that I got to work with them.

The Internship Featurette - Meet The Nooglers (2013) - Owen Wilson Comedy HD

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