Carnival Cruise LinesEbola

‘Floating petri dish’

18 Oct, 2014

Panic occurs when people on board the Carnival Magic cruise ship hears about a woman passenger who worked in an Ebola laboratory. After days pass, the captain acknowledges that a current passenger is a lab supervisor at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The suspect passenger and her husband volunteer to remain in their room during travel. Up to 40 workers wear masks and clean the ship with fluids. Passenger Malone:

People are scared. I’ve seen people crying. You’re using the same buffet line as someone else, the same waiters, the folks that clean the state rooms. If someone was cleaning their state room and cleaned yours right after, the exposure that you have there to elevators…it’s very tight quarters and a lot of interaction. It’s really difficult to control any type of virus that’s on a cruise ship. It’s like a floating petri dish. It spreads very rapidly. They’re cleaning elevators. I’ve seen people with pink liquid cleaning the bar area and the handrails.

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