U.S. enforces travel restrictions

The United States restricts travel from West Africa by funneling incoming passengers through five airports consisting of John F. Kennedy in New York, Newark in New Jersey and O’Hare international airports in Atlanta, Chicago and Washington Dulles. The airports essentially account for 94 percent of passengers traveling to the United States from the three hot […]

‘Floating petri dish’

Panic occurs when people on board the Carnival Magic cruise ship hears about a woman passenger who worked in an Ebola laboratory. After days pass, the captain acknowledges that a current passenger is a lab supervisor at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. The suspect passenger and her husband volunteer to remain in their […]

Pursues crushing campaign

The President of Syria takes advantage of the U.S. led coalition combating ISIS forces to advance a crushing force against rebel forces. Changing tactics, the Syrian government scales back in certain areas to focus on key areas, such as the two cities of Damascus and Aleppo. Harmer: Whereas previously the Syrian regime had some interest […]

Five Brits join weekly

Speaking during a national security conference in London, United Kingdom senior police officer Sir Hogan-Howe reveals that a minimum average of five British citizens are traveling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. Tracking and reacting to the threats of home terrorists who obtain experience from ISIS training grows worse, what he calls “potentially militarized […]

Mississippi veteran joins fighting

The Kurds have another alley fighting with them against ISIS, one of few unofficial U.S. boots on the ground. His name is Jeremy Woodard, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan tours. Jeremy is a security guard from Mississippi, paying his way to Turkey and smuggling into the war zone. The veteran even uses sign language […]

BBB warns of fundraiser charity scams

The Better Business Bureau is warning that major websites are budding and posing as fundraisers and charities that help Ebola victims. For example, one website that has these possible scams is GoFundMe that claims to be taking donations for the nurse Amber Vinson, but the family is unable to verify the veracity of the specific […]

Not paying EU bill

The European Union commission issues and estimating economy adjustment bill to Britain. Prime Minister Cameron states that Britain refuses to pay the bill along with and investigation underway to reveal how such a figure came about. Since 1995, Britain’s economy performance did better than other EU states. Speaking in Brussels, Cameron: This is completely unacceptable. […]

Two vaccines ready to depoly

As soon as January, two vaccines may be ready to deploy for the heavy hitting Ebola areas of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The vaccines must pass human safety trials where twenty human subjects receive injections in the United States. Researchers hope to know about safety results by late November or early December. WHO especially […]

WHO: Deaths may be three times higher

The World Health Organization announces the true Ebola death toll may be three times more. Higher numbers place Guinea with a factor of 1.5, Sierra Leone at 2.0 and Liberia at 2.5. This suggests a true total of approximately 15,000 deaths versus a minimum of 4,877. At least 9,936 cases report infection. Of the thousands […]

Seizes US weapons cache

The Pentagon drops 28 loads of military grade weapons for the Kurds. Wind shifts one of the loads, falling into the hands of ISIS militants. Turkey criticizes, but US officials say one cache of weapons in not a significant boon for the Islamic State. Apparently, amateur video footage proves militants did seize the cache of […]

CDC issues strict guidelines

Top U.S. government health officials from the CDC issue an update of strict guidelines informing American health workers to cover both skin and hair when caring for Ebola patients. The guidelines are a reaction to previous incidents where some health workers also became Ebola patients themselves. Fauci: I don’t want to officially comment on what […]

Addresses Islamic terror at UN

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, speaks at the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York, addressing the Islamic terror threat. The half hour speech compares ISIS, Iran and Hamas as a whole in regards to Islamic militancy being a threat to democracy and the world. Netanyahu: Last week, many countries here rightly applauded President […]

United Nations: Combat Ebola Mission

For the first time, the UN opens a health mission headquarters. UNMEER, or United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response, provides coordinating international efforts to combat the Ebola virus. Team lead Anthony Banbury with crew members arrive on Monday in Accra, the capital of Ghana. Speaking to the Security Council, Ki-Moon: This international mission, to […]

Worse case scenario over 500,000

One current projection by the CDC for a worse case scenario places the number of Ebola infections at 550,000. The estimate does not consider intervention and aid from governments and relief organizations mobilizing to contain the virus. The figures stretch all the way to the end of January. CDC is working on a dynamic modeling […]

Southern California confirmation

California is the first western state to confirm the virus. The state chief health official identifies four cases of enterovirus D68 in two separate counties with ages ranging from two to 13 years old. More occurrences are suspected as officials wait for lab tests to return. Dr. Chapman said the spread of the respiratory illness to California […]

Half Iraqi army not ready

Half of the potential military prowess in Iraq is not capable of effectively teaming up with the United States. The other half requires rebuilding efforts consisting of additional training and equipment. Dempsey is hoping this force is made ready with intelligence, air surveillance and tactical air power, along with advisers to assist. Dempsey: This is […]

Terror plot: police sweep Sydney

After receiving intelligence of an Islamic State supporter plot, Australian police perform a sweeping raid to stop potential public executions. The operation thus far is the largest anti-terrorism in history, making use of 800 police and with the aid of intelligence officers from the Australian Security Intelligence Organization. Charges set against two suspects and 15 […]

Turkey provides ISIS recruits

At least 1,000 Turks join the Islamic State over a period of time. The extremist group especially attracts disgruntled, disadvantaged youths with the enticement of money. Turkish fighters also identify more favorably with ISIS governance versus Turkish governance. A rickety district known as Hacibayram that is a tourist attraction serves as a recruitment center for […]

European Kurds take up arms

Kurds who live in Europe are leaving their homes and taking up arms against ISIS by joining the Peshmerga, a militia force in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Deputy Chairman of the Kurdish community in Germany, Mehmet Tanriverdi, knows of dozens of Kurds who are leaving Germany and other European countries to combat against ISIS. […]

Not ‘at war’

The Secretary of State repeatedly neglects using the term “war” when describing the military conflict of the United States against ISIS, explaining why the term “war” is not appropriate to use. Kerry: What we are doing is engaging in a very significant counterterrorism operation. It’s going to go on for some period of time. If somebody wants […]

Students unwittingly support ISIS

The Media Research Center records an experiment on video with Dan Joseph convincing college students to sign a petition to support ISIS. Dan explains in the video that he assumes any student who signs the petition have no clue of the ISIS threat. Joseph: We are supporting ISIS today. We are telling President Obama to […]

Condemns third beheading

Cameron: This is a despicable and appalling murder of an innocent aid worker. It is an act of pure evil. My heart goes out to the family of David Haines who have shown extraordinary courage and fortitude throughout this ordeal. We will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers and ensure they […]

Germany bans support

Germany announces the ban of Islamic State support including the black flag and social media activity to further suppress the propaganda and recruitment of the extremist groups. The police now have the right of power to immediately respond without involving the cumbersome judicial system. Maiziere: Germany is a true democracy, and there is no place […]

Reaches New York state

Over a dozen identifying cases confirm the human enterovirus 68 in the state of New York. Officials send samples to the CDC in which the results return positive. Health Department: EV-D68 is causing cases of severe respiratory illness … sometimes resulting in hospitalization, especially among children with asthma. Dr. Zucker: It is important that we […]

Coalition signs up against ISIS

Governments in the Middle East are signing on to President Obama’s coalition against the Islamic State. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and even the Gulf Cooperation Council, pledge to ‘stand united’ and willing to contribute with the US war effort against the ISIS threat. Some complications consist of exactly what effort each Arab nation provides and […]

Rapidly spreading through schools

Enterovirus 68, a lung virus, is rapidly spreading, infecting children across the United States, particularly the mid-west states, but also moving south. The virus is spreading through schools with hundreds of cases on the rise. The CDC warns an infection begins with common cold symptoms and can quickly make a serious turn. A study from the University of Arizona […]

Criticizes Healthcare.gov hack

Issa comments on the hack of the Healthcare.gov website, scheduling an appearance of key figures to a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee: Considering this administration launched Healthcare.gov over the objections of CMS, it’s unsurprising that the website has suffered a “malicious attack.” For nearly a year, the administration has dismissed concerns about the security of […]

Coaches militants

Members of ISIS begin to coach members of an Egyptian militant groups, complicating the effort to stabilize the largest Arab nation.The Sinai-based senior command, Al-Maqdis, is responsible for killing hundreds of members of Egyptian security forces in the span of one year. ISIS now provides this particular militant group with instructions on how to more […]

Outlaws Islamic State

In an official declaration, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon outlaws the Islamic State. Meetings of any kind between members of the Islamic State is now illegal. Israel braces for the possible emergence of Islamic extremists cells in the country. The decree opens the gateway for legal prosecution of any local group that may fund jihadist. […]

Over a million Ukrainians displaced

The United Nations refugee agency states that over a million Ukrainians are in a situation of displacement do to conflicts and warn of “devastating consequences” if the fighting does not cease. The last three weeks a displacement of 260,000 refugees is only a low estimate, nearly double the effect in that time frame. Approximately 814,000 […]

Experimental drug cures monkeys

ZMapp is shown to cure 100% of monkeys in a Canadian study. Severe symptoms, rashes, bleeding, excessive liver enzymes and signs of liver failure had a reversal due to ZMapp injections and the monkeys continue to recover from a lethal dose of the virus, even five days after the infection. The anti-Ebola drug has yet to go […]

Netanyahu: ‘Stop bashing Israel’

US Congressmen Rohrbacher and Meeks visit Israel and speaks with Netanyahu about recent events where UN peacekeepers had confrontations with militant Islamists. The Prime Minister made use of the opportunity to express that the United Nations focuses too much time on bashing Israel rather than focusing attention on radical Islam groups. Netanyahu: What we see […]

Child training camps

ISIS has created training camps where boys are taught to assemble, handle and use firearms, as well as being show stonings, beheadings and crucifixions. In a video, a very young boy specifically takes an oath pledging allegiance to the Islamic State and reveals what he would do to an infidel: Infidels…you are to be killed. A 13-year old boy […]

Report: Crop pests rising

Academics from the University of Exeter warn that the nation underestimates the danger of increasing crop pests that threaten staple food stocks such as wheat and potatoes. Crop pests include insects, worms, fungi, bacteria, viruses including plant viruses. Though the entire world food supply is in danger, the United Kingdom is one of the most […]

Report: 20 years to rebuild

A housing assessment by Shelter Cluster, chaired by the Norwegian Refugee Council with the participation of the U.N. refugee agency and the Red Cross, says Gaza will take 20 years to rebuild. Most rebuilding is due to the housing deficit of 75,000 units. Cost estimates for the restructuring are more than $6 billion. The housing […]

Dogs eat dead

Rapid burials of possible Ebola victims lead to dogs digging up corpses and eating the remains. During the discovery, young men make efforts to contact the Healthy Ministry, which does not respond. The young men take matters into their own hands and try to kill the dogs, but some of the animals flee the scene. Resident: We are very disappointed […]

Accuses Hamas

Abbas blames Hamas for protracting the war in Gaza, doubting the continuation of the Unity government. After 50 days of fighting when a truce came about, Hamas still declares victory. Abbas: It was possible for us to avoid all of that, 2,000 martyrs, 10,000 injured, 50,000 houses (destroyed). They (Hamas) have a shadow government, if […]

Airlines suspend flights

Airlines suspend flights through the three nation crisis zone. Air France temporarily suspends services to Sierra Leone, leaving its capital Freetown and Monrovia in neighbouring Liberia with just one regular service, from Royal Air Morocco. Air France: In light of the analysis of the situation and as requested by the French government, Air France confirms it is maintaining its […]


Multiple mutations are complicating the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Genetic sequencing the virus from 78 patients, consisting of 99 samples, since the inception of the outbreak leads to the discovery that the virus is mutating during the course of the “Zaire” strain outbreak.  Researchers are gathering data to build a history of the […]

‘Truthy’ database

Project ‘Truthy,’ a program that detects and tracks misinformation, political smears and other social pollution issues on Twitter has been backed by the U.S. Federal government, which has given nearly $1 million to develop and implement the database. Researchers at Indiana University began in September 2010. The National Science Foundation heads the project. The project team says the […]

Infected staff shuts lab

A laboratory in Sierra Leone is shut down when a health worker is compromised by the Ebola virus. The World Health Organization is concerned the move may hinder efforts to combat the spread of the Ebola virus in the region. Up to this point, Ebola has infected 2,615 and killed a minimum of 1,427 people. It’s […]

Lawmakers demand ISIS vote

Lawmakers from both sides, President Obama and military leaders are weighing options to expand airstrikes against ISIS. Congress also returns early September. Senator Tim Kaine: This fight, and the threat posed by ISIL, is serious enough that Congress and the administration must be united on U.S. policy going forward. I urge the administration to use […]

Purchases Twitch for over $1 billion

Amazon acquires Twitch, the live stream video gaming site, for over $1 billion after Google withdraws from the purchase. The deal includes a cash pay of $970 million, nearly 20 percent of Amazon’s reserve revealed in the latest quarterly report. Amazon now owns a “YouTube” type platform with the ability to reach the young men. During 2013, over half […]