Enterovirus 68

Southern California confirmation

18 Sep, 2014

California is the first western state to confirm the virus. The state chief health official identifies four cases of enterovirus D68 in two separate counties with ages ranging from two to 13 years old. More occurrences are suspected as officials wait for lab tests to return. Dr. Chapman said the spread of the respiratory illness to California is no surprise. Dr. Pannaraj:

There will definitely be more. It’s just a matter of time. This will spread across the entire country. These children start with what seems like a normal cold on the first day – runny nose, a little bit of cough – but by the second day, they can’t breathe at all. They come in and they need a tube to help them breathe. It’s probably evolved in a way that’s allowed it to spread more easily from person to person, and that’s why we’ve seen so many more cases this year.

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