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13 Jul, 2015

Study: Inhalation Ebola vaccine cures monkeys


14vaccines-master675Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch and NIH use an aerosol vaccine that activates immune cells in the respiratory system of rhesus macaques and provides full protection against the virus. The vaccine can be used without any medical administration, so that developing countries can help themselves. Doctors say it’s not a breakthrough because a cure for monkeys does not necessarily have to be successful for humans as well. Virologist:

The initial several decades of attempts to develop a vaccine against the Ebola virus were unsuccessful. This is one of the few vaccines that works.


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I am glad they have found a vaccine.


It’s rather interesting they came up with an Ebola vaccine in such a rapid time, but AIDS? It’s been 30 years with BILLIONS pumped into finding a cure.

Laurent Dupond

This is why we still need primate models in research.


Well, now that they know it works on monkeys they can go up a step and try it on politicians.


It is now critical that human trials start as soon as possible.


This is very good news.