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23 Sep, 2015


Release from Jail0 Comments

Fahmy, Baher, and Greste are pardoned, along with other human rights activists, by Egypt’s President Sisi. Fahmy:

[I still] can’t believe it. [Baher and I] have not digested the fact that we are free [yet].

Canadian officials say will help Fahmy with his departure from Egypt:

Canada is pleased that Egyptian President el-Sisi has granted Mr. Fahmy a pardon. We look forward to Mr. Fahmy reuniting with his family and loved ones, and his return to Canada.

21 Sep, 2015

Houses demolished


egyptian demolition imageEgypt demolishes more than 3,255 homes and other buildings in the Sinai peninsula. Troops are razing homes along the Gaza border to create a “buffer zone” and eliminate smuggling tunnels, after a surge in attacks by militants. According to the Egyptian government affected residents supported the demolitions. Human Rights Watch alleges that those evicted are given little or no warning, no temporary housing and inadequate compensation.

12 Sep, 2015

12 tourists accidentally killed

Travel incident0 Comments

Egyptian security forces kill 12 Mexican and Egyptian tourists and injure 10 in the country’s Western Desert after mistaking them for terrorists. The incident occurred within a so-called restricted area, and the tourists were in cars that were not authorised for tours and they did not have permits for the trip. Mexican President Enrique Nieto:

Mexico condemns these acts against our citizens and has demanded that the Egyptian government conduct an exhaustive investigation of what happened.

19 Jul, 2015

Sinai checkpoint attack: five dead


Suspected Militants who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State carried out an attack at two military checkpoints near the northern town of Sheikh Zuweidn, in the Sinai peninsula. At least five members of the Egyptian military are killed.

11 Jul, 2015

One dies in bomb blast

Terror Incident0 Comments

Cairo_Italian_cons_3372138bA car bomb explodes outside the Italian Consulate in Cairo. One person is reported dead. At least nine are injured. A few foreign journalists are detained on suspicion, but are released. Italian foreign minister:

 There were no Italian victims in the blast.