Ellie GouldingBirth

Ellie Goulding born in Lyonshall, England

1 Jan, 1970

Elena Jane Goulding is born in Lyonshall, England to parents Tracey Clark and Aurthur Goulding. Goulding is the second of four children. She has one brother and two sisters. Goulding’s parents divorce after her father leaves home when she is 5-years-old. She begins playing music at 9-years-old.

Goulding attended Lady Hawkins’ High School and started songwriting at 15-years-old.

We (Goulding and her father) used to see each other every other weekend and then once a month, and then never. When I first stopped seeing him I can’t remember why and it has been too long now. I don’t know what he’s like now.

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