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Erwitt, Frankenberg marry


Erwitt marries his fourth wife, Frankenberg, an actress, film producer and a woman of considerable culture and social prestige. Frankenberg:

He is a tough cookie to deal with if people aren’t used to him. Now that I know him I feel for everyone who is a little intimidated because they don’t know how to handle him. It is like when people think that comedians are funny people and they are not.


Erwitt, Ringo marry


Erwitt marries Ringo, a Texan, who he first met in 1975. A photograph of Erwitt with his wife Susan taken in the first year of their marriage shows her covered from head to toe in dark clothes, with a baby in her arms.


Erwitt, Dann marry


Erwitt marries his second wife, Dann, a Swedish-Irish American woman that at first he meets around 1963. He meets her again in 1968, while working on various photo shoots in nudist colonies in Ireland, and they marry. Dann:

He sees himself as one of those rag-tag mongrels, a little sad- eyed dog on his way to a great journey, or just stopping off for a few moments from one.

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