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15 May, 2023

Musk: Virgin Islands Epstein subpoena ‘idiotic on so many levels’

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Musk responds to the U.S. Virgin Islands government’s subpoena for documents in its lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase involving Jeffrey Epstein, calling it “idiotic” and “absurd.”  and denying ever bsing advised by him. The government said its investigation revealed JPMorgan “knowingly, recklessly and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which Epstein’s recruiters and victims were paid.”

This is idiotic on so many levels:

1. That cretin never advised me on anything whatsoever.

2. The notion that I would need or listen to financial advice from a dumb crook is absurd.

3. JPM let Tesla down ten years ago, despite having Tesla’s global commercial banking business, which we then withdrew. I have never forgiven them.

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