Emma AronsonDeath

Emma Aronson dies age 17

5 Jun, 2015

Ambulances are sent to a private home where Aronson is found dead by the pool after her heart stops. Her parents told authorities that their daughter had a heart condition for which she underwent surgery when she was four years old. After racing her friends said she collapsed and efforts to revive her were not successful. She is survived by her parents, a younger brother and a younger sister. Mom:

She was racing in the pool against the boys and of course, she wanted to beat them. And most of the time she did. She got to the edge and said, in a very small voice, I’m so tired, and then that was it. She was very athletic, she was very competitive, a big prankster. Emma wanted to save lives, and she’s just doing it earlier than many had hoped. She is doing that through transplant. We know that she will help at least 50 people.

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