Bulls trade Rose

In a multiplayer deal, the Bulls trade point guard Rose, to the Knicks. Bulls chairman Reinsdorf: Knowing Derrick as I do makes this trade a hard one. Everyone knows him as the local kid who became MVP for his hometown team, but not everyone got to know him like I did. While he is a […]

Plans 11 Negev towns

Israel votes on plans to build 11 new cities in the south in hopes of bringing over a half-a-million residents to the Negev Desert Region over the course of the next 20 years. The project aims to increase the percentage of Israel’s population living in the south from 8 percent to 15% by 2035. The construction is […]

Peer-to-peer payment app

Apple is talking with banks about developing a peer to peer payment service that would let those who own an iPhone send money to one another as easily as they send messages, Apple says it wants a bigger portion of the mobile payments industry. The new service is expected out some time in the coming year.

Obama, Netanyahu meet

Minister Netanyahu meets with President Obama about the security of Israel. President Obama says that Israel’s security is a primary focus of his administration and he’s committed to using the resources of the United States to help keep Israel safe. As I’ve said repeatedly, the security of Israel is one of my top foreign policy […]

Gives birth to boy

Duggar gives birth to a baby boy. This is the first child for Duggar and Seewald. The baby, who has not been named, weighs 9 lbs 11 ounces and is 21 and ¼ inches long. Seewald: Our sweet baby boy was born last night…He’s precious and both he and Jessa are doing great.

CNBC ‘should be ashamed’

Priebus criticizes CNBC for how it handled the moderators and the overall proceedings for the Republican debate. CNBC should be ashamed of how this debate was handled. While I was proud of our candidates and the way they handled tonight’s debate, the performance by the CNBC moderators was extremely disappointing and did a disservice to […]

Admired Roanoke shooter

In a blog under the name Lithium_Love, an online identity linked to Mercer, he expresses admiration for Roanoke shooter Vester Flanagan. People like him have nothing left to live for. On an interesting note, I have noticed that so many people like him are all alone and unknown, yet when they spill a little blood, the […]

Next flyby target selected

NASA determines the next likely target destination for a flyby by New Horizons, a small object in the Kuiper Belt called 2014MU69. It orbits almost a billion miles away from Pluto. A full proposal about the mission will be evaluated by NASA experts before the go ahead is officially given. NASA Science Mission Directorate Chief Grunsfeld: […]

Record sandstorm hits Isreal

A massive sandstorm moves into Israel causing health concerns. The population is urged to keep children, the elderly and those with a respiratory illness inside. The dust density is worst in the hill country including the Golan Heights, the Southerrn West Bank and Jerusalem. The storm is expected to last through Wednesday. Governmental Official warns: . . […]

Kerry reaffirms support of Israel

According to the State Department, Kerry phones to reaffirm the U.S.’s commitment to the security of Israel. Kerry and Netanyahu discussed a number of issues, including worries about reports of possible future Russian military buildup in Syria. The secetary and the prime minister reiterated the need to continue pushing back on Iran’s destabilizing activities in […]


President Molina resigns after being ordered to appear in court to answer questions regarding the customs fraud corruption scandal in which his government is implicated, despite continuing to insist upon his innocence. Under the present circumstances, and placing the nation’s interests above everything else, it is my responsibility to go through due process, to present myself […]

UAE and Bahrain soldiers killed

Forty-five soldiers from the United Arab Emirates’ armed forces and five soldiers from Bahrain are killed during a Saudi-led military operation. The campaign targeted Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Since the fighting began this is the deadliest day for Gulf forces. Yemeni security officials: The UAE troops are killed when a Houthi missile hits a weapons storage depot near […]

Darren Goforth murdered at 47

Goforth, a deputy county sheriff in Harris County, Texas, dies after being shot multiple times in the back while filling up his car.  The officer was in uniform and had stopped at a gas station near Houston about 30 minutes after attending to a routing traffic accident. Goforth is survived by his wife and two […]


Ettinger is arrested due to his involvement in a right wing network. More arrests are expected to follow. Spokesman: As Israeli investigators released their findings that a right-wing Jewish terrorist network is gaining power throughout Israel and illegal West Bank settlements, they detained Meir Ettinger, the grandson of the late Meir Kahane, but declined to charge him […]

Meir Kahane shot and killed age 58

Kahane is shot and killed by an assassin following his delivery of a speech to a Jewish group at the New York Marriott East Side hotel in Manhattan. As he greets fans he is approached by a man from the crowd who shoots him at close range with a .357- caliber pistol. Although the assassin is attired as a […]

Meir Kahane born in New York

Martin David Kahane (Meir Kahane) is born in New York. Growing up in the U.S. in Flatbush, he is the first born of Rabbi and Mrs. Charles Kahane. He is educated at the Yeshiva of Flatbush elementary school and attends both the Abraham Lincoln H.S. and at the Brooklyn Talmudical Academy. He has one younger […]

Right wing extreme activists arrested

Police detain three “extreme right-wing activists” in the West Bank region. While the arrests are not yet being linked to the recent arson attack that killed Dawabsheh and his father, Israel says there will be a complete investigation with a stringent law enforcement response based on what is discovered. Spokesperson: Following recent events in the Judea and […]

Russia claims Arctic

The Russian government says it has provided “ample scientific data” to the U.N. to support its right to claim over 460,000 square miles of Arctic ocean including the North Pole. This is believed to include a large amount of energy, gems and precious metals. Foreign Ministry: To justify Russia’s rights in this area, ample scientific […]

Funeral disrupted

The fued between family members on Bobbi Kristina’s mother’s and father’s sides continues during the funeral when her father’s sister leaves the service to talk with reporters. She says she is angry because Houston’s sister in law is speaking at the funeral. It went wonderful until Pat started speaking, and I didn’t like that. I told her […]

Pleads not guilty

Former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing pleads not guilty to charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter. His attorney, Stew Mathews, says that no matter what the body camera seems to show, he is convinced that his client was genuinely scared for his life when the shooting occured. The guy jams the keys in […]


Bobbi Kristina Brown is remembered in a private service. Her body is brought to the church three hours before the service to avoid paparazzi and onlookers. Four unidentified men act as pallbearers carrying her coffin into the church. Security is heavy at the church and escorting family to the church. Although private, dozens of cars […]

Officers involved in previous death

The Guardian reports that Kidd and Weibel, the officers who corroborated Tensing’s account of Dubose’s shooting, were implicated in prior death of another unarmed black man. Kelly Brinson, a 45 year old hospitalized mentally ill black man experiences a psychotic episode and is placed into a seclusion room by seven University of Cincinnati officers. According to the […]

Officers corroborate Tensing’s story

Tensings body-camera records two unnamed Cincinnati police officers corroborate his account of the fatal shooting of Samuel Dubois, where they backed him up when he says he was dragged by the victim’s car. The officers repeat Tensing’s account of the incident three times and one officer says he witnessed the victim dragging Tensing. Parts of the video transcript: Tensing: I […]

Jonathan Jay Pollard born in Galveston, TX

Jonathan Jay Pollard is born in Galvaston, Texas to Jewish parents. He has two older siblings. When he is seven years old, his family moved to South Bend, Indiana when his father, a renowned microbiologist is hired to teach at Notre Dame. As he grew up, Pollards parents instill a strong love for the State of Israel. He […]

Pollard boasted of working for Israeli Intelligence

Marshall, a friend of Pollard’s and co-graduate from Stanford, says that Pollard bragged about working for Israeli Intelligence, although his claims seemed contradictory. Pollard claimed frequently to be a colonel in the Israeli military and to have worked for Mossad, Israel’s foreign intelligence agency. However, while still in college, Pollard also said he was a captain in […]

Parole date set

Pollard is granted parole after serving 30 years of a life sentence for spying for Israel. He is due to be released Nov. 21. Lawyer: Mr. Pollard is looking forward to being reunited with his beloved wife Esther. Mr. Pollard would like to thank the many thousands of well-wishers in the United States, in Israel, and throughout the […]

Netanyahu on Iran Agreement

Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to verbally oppose the Iran Nuclear Agreement. He states that as the leader of the only Jewish state, he feels it is his duty to make sure that state remains protected and safe against current and potential future danger. I have great respect for our intelligence services, they’re the best in […]

Suicide bombing kills three

A suicide bomber drives a vehicle filled with explosives into a unit of Libyan soldiers in central Benghazi. Three are killed and 11 are wounded, some critically. The bomber targeted a unit of soldiers engaged in a street battle near the city’s port and naval base. This is an area where pro-government forces and bands […]

Trained with museum gunman

After a nationwide search for accomplices that participated in the terrorist attack that killed 38 tourists, investigators detail 38 people and discover that Rezgui trained with the shooters in a previous Tunisian attack. Security official: The young college student who killed 38 tourists in a Tunisian seaside resort was in a jihadi training camp in western Libya at […]

Police stations on high alert

Members of India’s security forces are on high alert across the country after the fatal shootings at a police station in New Delhi in the western state of Punjab. In addition to the fatalities reported it is now being reported that  eight injured being treated in area hospitals. Security establishments around the country are concerned […]

Kerry endorses Iran deal

During testimony to the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, Kerry says that while he understands Israel’s fears about the Iran deal, putting the agreement in place will make Israel, and the entire area more secure. He also provided reassurance as to the U.S. role in the region after the agreement is in place, pointing out the […]

Israel criticizes Huckabee

Israel admonishes Huckabee over his Holocaust remark. Representatives say that while Huckabee showed real concern about the safety and future of Israel and its people, he should not have referred to the gas chambers and ovens in the Nazi death camps used to murder millions of Jews and others when expressing his concern about the Iran agreement. […]

Police station attack: 11 dead

11 people are reported dead after a terrorist attack on a New Delhi . Chief of Police: Six victims were killed — three civilians and three security forces. The raid was a terror attack but it is not immediately clear to which group the attackers belonged. We know that the same gunman earlier fired at a […]

No apology

Huckabee refuses to apologize for his remark that Obama’s support of Iran deal is like the holocaust for Israel. He says the remark is appropriate since Iran has called for the destruction of Israel and would carry it out should they develop a nuclear weapon. Three times I’ve been to Auschwitz. When I talked about the […]

Huckabee’s comment ‘ridiculous…so sad’

While speaking at a press conference in Ethiopia, Obama speaks about comments on Huckabee’s comments, and others made by GOP leaders and 2016 Presidential candidates. It would be ridiculous it it weren’t so sad…We’ve had a sitting senator call John Kerry Pontius Pilate. We’ve had a sitting senator, who also happens to be running for president, […]

Claims Obama ‘marching Israel to ovens’

Huckabee says the Iran Nuclear Agreement will result in similar outcomes to the Holocaust for Israel. It is so naive that he would trust the Iranians. By doing so, he will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven. This is the most idiotic thing, this Iran deal. It should be […]

Speaks at Stop Iran rally

At the Stop Iran Rally, Dershowitz makes an appeal to fellow liberals, calling on them to side with Republicans on the Iran Nuclear Agreement. He reiterates Pataki’s message stating that Obama should have given the draft of the agreement to Congress for review before going to the U.N. It is a bad deal for Democrats. It […]

Speaks at Stop Iran rally

Prior to the rally, Pataki accuses President Obama of violating his oath of office — under the law Obama should have taken the agreement to Congress to allow them to review it before taking it to the United Nations Security Council. Congress has 60 days to review the agreement. That showed tremendous disrespect for the US Congress […]

Cruz on Tisha b’Av

Cruz sends a message to his Jewish supporters on the day of Tisha B’Av in which he compares the Iran nuclear deal to the same danger that led to the destruction of the two ancient Jewish temples: To all those observing the mourning of Tisha B’Av, I wish you a time of meaningful reflection on […]

Palestinians barricade themselves in Mosque

Several hundred palestinian youths bar themselves inside the Mosque on the Temple Mount in order to prevent Jews from being able to pray there on holy fast day of Tisha b’Av (the ninth day of the month of Av), which commemorates the destruction of both of the Jewish Temples. 300 police attempt to stop the violence.President Reuven […]

Clash at Temple Mount

Dozens of Palestinian youth, most masked, attack police with rocks, bottles, wooden planks, fireworks and firebomb, then barricade themselves in the Al Aqsa Mosque. As the violence escalates, police storm the Mosque to gain control over the situation. In the process three east Jerusalem Palestinians are arrested. Several police officers are also injured though it is not reported […]

Foreign insurers consider Iran

Foreign insurers are considering  Iranian markets as an acceptable risk now that the Iran Nuclear Agreement has been agreed to by world powers. These specialty insurers remain a little hesitant however, as there is no way to predict when the $8 billion dollars in frozen funds will be released. U.S. Congress still needing to vote on the […]

Israel says ‘threats’ won’t stop opposition

Israeli officials call comments from Senator Kerry that Israel will be even more isolated internationally should Congress fail to pass the Iran nuclear agreement a “thinly veiled efforts to muzzle criticism”. Israeli officials state they will not stop publicly lobbying against the nuclear agreement with Iran. We reject the threats directed at Israel in recent days.

Passes final reforms

Parliament overwhelmingly approves new reforms centered around creditor-demanded debt. These reforms to the judiciary and banking systems were the last ones Greece was obligated to solve before being able to begin talks with creditors on a third bailout agreement. Without the new bailout money worth around $93 billion Greece could wind up financially ruined. Prime Minister […]

Sign Wye Agreement

Netanyahu and Arafat sign the Wye River Agreement. The agreement is a land-for-peace deal which is signed after a 21-hour discussion between the two parties mediated by US president Bill Clinton. Jordan’s King Hussein, is also in attendance, assisting in the negotiations. Netanyahu: The agreement benefits both sides and leaves me brimming with some confidence […]

Israel moves to legalize settlements

A committee is formed to legalize Jewish settlements in the West Bank that international law currently calls unlawful. Israel’s Justice Minister Shaked says she wants to help establish the legal status of Jewish settlers in the West Bank. There are many areas in Judea and Samaria where the status is unregulated. The time has come to […]

No ‘root cause’ for anthrax shipments

A Pentagon report about how anthrax was sent accidentally sent to labs in the U.S. and foreign countries says no root cause is identified. The report blames: …insufficient technical information in the broader scientific community about how to make sure the potentially deadly substance was no longer live before it was disseminated to 86 labs in 20 states, the District of […]

Iran says Kerry using empty threats

Iran accuses Kerry of threatening military action against Tehran if it does not hold true to a nuclear deal agreed to on 14 July. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif: Unfortunately the US Secretary of State once again talked about the rotten rope of ‘the ability of the US for using military force.’ [I decry] the uselessness […]

Call to police night before shooting

Reports say that police responded to a domestic violence 911 call the night before the fatal shooting occurred. The call was made by passersby, not anyone in the home. When police arrived they say,there was no sign of any disturbance or physical fight and the people in the home denied a problem. Fields was not […]

Expresses Turkey attack condolences

President Obama expresses condolences on behalf of the American people over the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey attributed to the Islamic State. These included one attack that killed over 30 people in Suruc near Syria’s border. White House statement: The two leaders affirmed that the United States and Turkey stand united in the fight against […]