Eric Jerome DickeyBook

Liar’s Game

26 Jun, 2000

ejd4Dickey’s book Liar’s Game tells the tale of Dana who leaves New York to escape a roller-coaster relationship. Vincent lives in Los Angeles and is trying to forget his own shattered marriage. They want to plan a future togetherbut first they have to stop running from their pasts. On how reading Judy Blume helped write this book:

Some of her (Judy Blume) scenes are pretty explicit and I decided that was the way I wanted to write this book. I wanted to be able to write objectively about Vince and Dana getting into a fight. It’s not about me or any relationship I’ve been in. It’s not a broad statement about relationships. It’s just about where Vince and Dana are at this moment in their lives. They really love each other, but the straws of discontent on both sides of the room are just so heavy that things just snowball.

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