Chris HansenEsquire MagazineInterview

Esquire interview

2 Aug, 2007

Hansen talks about the parallel investigation model used for the show To Catch a Predator:

I think it has. I mean obviously it raises issues and we discuss these issues before going into every one of these investigations. And I think we’ve addressed them. And obviously there are people, you know, at the Poynter Institute and other places that think it’s too close. You know after the Fairfax County Virginia investigation, we interviewed law enforcement after the fact, and Perverted Justice provided transcripts after the fact. But it was difficult for them [the police] to make a case. Some cases were made after that investigation. But it was difficult. You know, in the model that we used in Riverside I think it served our viewers and it served public safety in the best way that we could.

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