Ethan Hawke

Lord of War

16 Sep, 2005

Hawke plays federal agent Jack Valentine in this crime drama directed by Andrew Niccol.  Valentine is hot on the trail of the world’s greatest arms dealer, now all he needs is the evidence to prove it.  When Valentine finally gets the break he was waiting for, his superiors have a nasty surprise for him. Also starring Nicolas Cage, Bridget Moynahan and Jared Leto.

The devil is seductive, and so guns are glorious in the culture. I understand there’s a case to be made. For instance, Spike Lee said something like this, that you can’t have a scene with drugs in a film that doesn’t secretly make you want to do drugs. In the same vein, it’s hard to make a movie that’s anti-violence because the very nature of photographing violence eroticises it. But I’m not so sold that that’s true.

Lord of War - Trailer

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