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Opposition calls EU to suspend funds

8 May, 2015

Burundian opposition leaders call for the EU to suspend €8m of financial assistance and to demand that the government postpone the election. The EU is the main financial contributor to the Project to Support the 2015 Electoral Cycle in Burundi. Alliance for Democratic Change (ADC-IKIBIRI) spokesperson:

We believe the EU’s €8m is a considerable sum. It is shocking that the EU is financing these elections which are killing people, forcing voters of the opposition to flee the country like refugees…It would be unacceptable for the European taxpayer to agree that €8m, which can be used for something else, should be thrown in the trash like that. If these elections are forced to happen, there will be a civil war…Radios have been closed, human rights activists have been imprisoned and these prisoners are refused food and care, are being tortured to the indifference of the international community. The violation of these values ​​must be unacceptable for Europeans partners.

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