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24 Feb, 2015

Turns four chairs

Music Performance

Fredericks’ performance of I’m a Man of Constant Sorrow turns all four judges chairs in less than ten seconds. All were in agreement that the home-schooled farm boy is destined to have a bright future. Pharrell Williams:

As soon as you started singing, it actually took me to another time. This is your destiny, and it’s honestly about you and what you want to do. I would love to have you on my team, but I’m so proud to be a part of this show, because even if you don’t end up on my team, I get to watch this amazing thing happen.

15 Mar, 2008

U Got It Bad

In one of his audition performances for Island/Def Jam Records, Justin Bieber does an impromptu performance for Usher, singing the single U Got It Bad. Bieber posts the video on his Kidrauhl Youtube channel so his friends will believe him when he says he met Usher. At the end of the video Usher claps and off camera his manager Scooter Braun can be heard saying:

You’re friends will believe you now.

U Got it bad by Usher - Justin singing TO USHER

1 Mar, 2008

Usher auditions

Usher auditions Justin Bieber in Atlanta sometime in early 2008.  It is his first time out of Canada. Scooter Braun drives to the studio and they meet Usher in the parking lot. Bieber asks Usher if he could sing one of his songs for him.

No little buddy, just come inside, it’s cold out.

A week later Bieber flew back to to Atlanta:

I sang for him and his people and he really wanted to sign me then and there but I still had a meeting with Justin Timberlake who also wanted to sign me. It turned out Usher’s deal was way better. He had L.A. Reid backing him up and Scooter had a lot of really good connections in Atlanta. I always tease Usher now and remind him how he blew me off the first time we met.

16 Dec, 1998

SNL Audition

During his audition for Saturday Night Live, Fallon impersonates Jerry Seinfeld, French Stewart, Keanu Reeves, Eddie Murphy and several others. He also does musical impersonations of Bono, Alanis Morisette, and the Cure. Fallon landed the part on SNL as a featured player in the 1989-1999 season.

Jimmy Fallon's SNL Audition

Jan 1990

2 Too Many audition

Every day Carter walks to Delaware Avenue, to the studio of DJ Jazzy Jeff (Townes) and the Fresh Prince (Smith). One day, a friend who is recording in the studio lets him in. Townes, Smith and Lassiter, Smith’s business partner are in the lounge. Carter:

We literally just walked into the room and said we want to play some music for you. Will told us to go ahead and pop the tape in. [The room was too small for our routine] so everyone went outside and we danced in the snow…They just fell in love with us. We pretty much sucked as a group. They loved us and our tenacity more than anything else.


Every night someone was down there trying to get put on. It was something about these three kids and their personality and sense of humor that we responded to. I don’t remember if we thought they were talented or not. They just didn’t give up…We would just laugh at them. I remember plenty of times driving them home. I would say, ‘How are you getting home?’ They hadn’t thought it through. They didn’t have gloves. They didn’t have a Plan B.

Lassiter and Smith give 2 Too Many a record deal on their WilJam label.