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12 Jan, 2006

Dropped by Def Jam Recordings

Germanotta is dropped from Def Jam Recordings after failing to finish a full length album in six months. Def Jam executive, L.A. Reid, said in an interview that he loved Germanotta when he first met her, but he had a change of heart.

I said, ‘You know, I really don’t like it. You know, let her have her freedom. Let her have her career. Let her go find it.’ It was the worst thing I’d ever done.

Returning to her family home, Germanotta begins experimenting with go-go dancing and neo-burlesque shows in bars dressed in little more than a bikini.


2 Too Many dropped

After a  year, which included a tour of Chicago, 2 Too Many is dropped by the label. Carter goes to work for Townes in the studio and for Lassiter as an assistant. He sweeps floors, empties trash, carries records, and helps Lassiter’s children with science homework. Lassiter:

There was always something about Troy. Aside from being bright, he had just a special quality about him. You knew he would be successful in life – if he could avoid the pitfalls that existed in Philly.