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30 Aug, 2018

Supernatural (acoustic version)


As promotion for For All Here To Observe, their upcoming acoustic EP, the band releases a video of them recording Supernatural.

The Slow Readers Club - Supernatural (acoustic)

27 Mar, 2018

You Opened Up My Heart official video


The band release the official video for You Opened Up My Heart, directed by Croft.

Aaron: The concept was a collaboration. We gave [Chris] some ideas of what we wanted visually: very graphic and high energy. He sent us a few examples of 3D projections. The cube felt a little bit ambitious for the budget. And we were like, ‘that sounds risky’, and we tipped up in the morning and it was a bit of a seat-of-the-pants thing…It’s a cube that has a projection that runs right the way round. To see it in person was incredible. It’s one of our best so far.

The Slow Readers Club - You Opened Up My Heart (Official Video)

1 Mar, 2018

Through The Shadows video


The band release a video for Through The Shadows, which is also released as a downloadable single with album pre-sales.

The Slow Readers Club - Through The Shadows (Official Video)

19 Apr, 2017

Conor McGregor music video release


Merkules releases the video for Conor McGregor, directed by Kubrick.

I feel like I’m Conor McGregor, get lost in the sauce and then shout at you haters. We eat and we all getting traded. My Squad going major, I’m on a hiatus.

Merkules - Conor Mcgregor (Official Video)

23 Feb, 2017

McGregor Walk music video


Manic Flame releases a video for McGregor Walk.

Swag. Pressure. I go harder under pressure. Got that number when I met her. Walk it out Conor McGregor.

Maniac Flame - McGregor Walk

23 Oct, 2015



Adele releases Hello, her first single in three years. She previews the song on UK Radio 1

I feel so sick. I’m so nervous. … I thought I’d burst into tears…I obviously want people to like it. When I wrote it, I knew this would be the first thing everyone heard from me. I want to surprise people.

9 Oct, 2015

Wake Up music video


The Vamps release a music video for their single Wake Up. The video features The Vamps performing on the roof of a high rise radio tower and includes a cameo from Beckham.

This video was something we had never done before; we performed on top of a radio tower, 100 feet in the air. It was pretty scary, but absolutely awesome. We were lucky enough to have Brooklyn Beckham in the video, he’s a super nice guy and crazy talented.

The Vamps - Wake Up

8 Sep, 2015

What Do You Mean acoustic video


To celebrate his Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 position, Bieber releases an acoustic version of What Do You Mean? In the video, Bieber is shown recording and promoting the original version, as well as surfing, hiking, using a hoverboard and skateboarding throughout New York City.

Thank you 4 making What Do You Mean #1, Love, Justin

4 Sep, 2015

Making of Today


Gilmour releases a video where he talks about the creation and recording of Today, the second single from Rattle That Lock. Elder’s film includes footage from the AIR Studios, London, recording session of the orchestral score, written by composer Preisner.

Today was one of the ones that Phil [Manzanera] put together from two or three pieces of music of mine that I had sort of ignored. He’s very good at finding them and saying that’s great you should use it. How about using it with that piece, and that piece. So he mopped that one up as a gift.

David Gilmour - Making Of "Today"

30 Aug, 2015

Levels music video


Jonas releases a music video for Levels. The video is directed by Colin Tilley.

The concept for the video — basically, we are in this big space, lot of really interesting art decoration, some tires, some barrels, some beautiful women.

Nick Jonas - Levels