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27 Jul, 2015

Authorities hunt lion killer

Zimbabwean authorities are trying to find the hunter who killed Cecil. The 13-year old lion was found headless after being shot with a bow and arrow. Hunters then tracked the dying animal for 40 hours before they killed it with a rifle. Bait, in the form of a freshly killed animal, was used to tempt Cecil out of the park, a technique commonly used so that hunters can “legally” kill protected lions.

Cecil’s death is a tragedy, not only because he was a symbol of Zimbabwe but because now we have to give up for dead his six cubs, as a new male won’t allow them to live so as to encourage Cecil’s three females to mate. The two people who accompanied the hunter have been arrested but we haven’t yet tracked down the hunter, who is Spanish.

25 Jul, 2015

Daughter sees shark kill father

A great white shark kills a man as his daughter watches, while they are diving for scallops off the coast of Tasmania. After returning to the boat with some of the catch, the daughter looks back for her father, and sees a large shark attacking him. The woman sets off a flare and makes an emergency phone call, prompting other boaters to respond. The type of shark is not identified. This is only the fifth fatal shark attack “since convict times”. Police:

[The man] did not return to the surface [and] his daughter became worried and went down and checked on her father. She saw a very large shark and she saw her father being attacked by the shark…They pulled up the [man] using the air hose that he was attached to, but unfortunately he was fatally injured

21 Jul, 2015

Bison attacks selfie taker

Bison selfie YellowstoneA bison gores a woman trying to snap a selfie photo close to one of Yellowstone Park’s famed bison, the fifth attack on a tourist who has ignored warnings to admire the mammals from afar. The 43-year-old Mississippi woman and her daughter are standing with their back to a bison, which can weigh up to one ton , when it charges, tossing her into the air and inflicting minor injuries. Victim:

It was the most frightening experience I have been through in my life to date. I thought I had a healthy respect for wildlife, but maybe not as healthy as I should have had. But I am very grateful and blessed to have walked away.


People are not taking to heart that these are wild animals that are unpredictable and can be dangerous…We have a little saying here: ‘Give them room, use your zoom.

19 Jul, 2015

Fights off shark

Fanning fights off a shark while competing in the J-Bay Open in South Africa, the sixth stop on the 2015 Samsung Galaxy World Surf League. His punches the shark on the back to try to scare it away. His surfboard leash is severed and he escapes unharmed. The competition is cancelled.

I had this feeling that something was behind (me), and all of a sudden I felt like I started getting pulled underwater. And then the thing came up and I was on my board and it was right there.

Shark Attacks Mick Fanning at J-Bay Open