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15 Apr, 2015

Not on European tour

Bryan is no longer at work on the company’s current European tour. All adverts for future events no longer show Bryan. Reports from earlier in the week suggest that Bryan is working with an injury, though this has no confirmation. If WWE remove one of the company’s biggest draws from their line-up however, this indicates that Bryan may at very least be set to take a short sabbatical for a while.

18 Mar, 2015

Released from team

Only hours after his arrest, Pierce is cut by the Ravens. Pierce told arresting officer:

Do you know what happened the last time a Ravens player got a DUI? I’m getting cut tomorrow, not like you care.

Pierce is the third Ravens player to be cut from the team after being arrested during this offseason.

16 Mar, 2015


The Raiders release Schaub after one year with the team. Schaub threw ten passes for the Raiders, and two of those were intercepted. By the end of the season, he was the holder on kicks. By releasing Schaub, whom they paid $8 million last season, they save themselves $5.5 million in salary-cap room.

12 Mar, 2015


The Jaguars release Bryant two days before he was to be paid a $500,000 roster bonus. In his only season playing for the Jaguars, Bryant started 16 games, where he had 22 tackles, one sack, and one forced fumble.

6 Mar, 2015


Joins Team

The Bears agree to trade Marshall to the Jets in exchange for a fifth-round draft pick. The trade relies on Marshall passing a physical. By trading Marshall, the Bears save $7.7 million in cash, and they give themselves $3.95 million in cap space. However, $5.625 million counts against the Bears’s 2015 salary cap.

Won’t be re-signed

After 14 seasons, the Colts are parting ways with Wayne.

Reggie is one of the greatest men to ever wear the horseshoe, and we have been blessed to watch him play for the past 14 years. When he first took the field with us in 2001, we knew this day would eventually arrive. That reality is one of the things that makes pro football such a tough business.

We feel this decision is in the best interests of the team and for Reggie as it will allow him to seek a better opportunity for playing time elsewhere if he so chooses. Reggie is beloved by the Colts organization and our fans and he will always be a part of the Colts family. I look forward to the day in the near future when our great number 87 enters the Colts Ring of Honor and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

3 Mar, 2015

Starting CB released

The Eagles release Williams. He spent two seasons with the team. By releasing him, the Eagles open up $6.5 million in salary-cap space, but they must still allocate $1.67 million towards the cap.

They wanted to go in a new direction. That was fine with me. I’m not disappointed in anything that went on in Philadelphia. I enjoyed my time there. I enjoyed the fans, and I enjoyed my teammates.


The Nuggets fire Shaw after less than two years with the team. The Nuggets have lost six games in a row and have compiled a 20-39 record this season under Shaw. General manager Brian Connelly:

I want to sincerely thank Brian for his time with our organization. You won’t find a better guy than Brian and he is one of the brightest basketball minds I’ve ever been around. Unfortunately things didn’t go as we hoped, but we know with his basketball acumen that he has a very bright future ahead of him.


After the team’s recent loss, The 76ers waive McGee, making him eligible to appear in the playoffs this season with another team. McGee was able to secure his release from the Sixers without giving up any part of his salary for this season or next season.

27 Feb, 2015


The Cardinals release Dockett, saving the team $6.8 million in salary cap space. Dockett spent 11 years with the team. Cardinals general manager Steve Keim:

We have been very clear about our feelings for Darnell and our desire to have him back. After speaking with him and his representatives, we decided that this move today makes the most sense for both the team and the player and allows each to keep all of its options open.


The Falcons release Jackson, saving the team $3.75 million against the salary cap.

In terms of what we hoped to accomplish as a team on the field, my time as a Falcon was a disappointment, but I will always be grateful for how the city and franchise treated me while I was there…Make no mistake: I can still punish a defense. I still have a warrior’s heart. There are 1,000-yard seasons left in these legs. I know what I am still capable of, and I have every intention of proving it.

25 Feb, 2015


The Lions release Bush, saving the team $1.7 million in salary space. Had the Lions kept Bush, they would have had a $5.28 million cap charge for 2015. Lions general manager Mayhew:

It’s not about Reggie Bush. It’s about the process of evaluating where you are as a football team. We have a bunch of meetings after the season. The coaching staff meets. The scouting department meets together and we evaluate everybody’s performance.

Part of that, from my standpoint as GM and in terms of setting up our team, is how much of a contribution each guy made to the football team that year. In Reggie’s situation, obviously last year he was injured so you have to look at the contribution versus how much you’re paying a player. It’s not just Reggie. It’s every player on the team.


The Giants release Kiwanuka. The Giants list the move as “failed physical.” Releasing him saves the Giants $4.825 million against 2015’s salary cap and leaves Kiwanuka free to sign with any team, even before free agency begins. Coach Tom Coughlin:

The thing that has always impressed me about Kiwi is how serious he is about the game. He was always prepared and always in outstanding condition and played very hard. And he had some nasty in him. I always felt like you could count on certain things from him: eight [or] nine sacks, harass the quarterback, and you could move him around, inside, outside. He is dependable, reliable and there is no question about his professionalism. His character and professionalism and serious approach to the game will be missed.

Released after Pacquiao jibe

After making fun of Pacquiao’s basketball ability, Orton is released by Purefoods Star Hotshots. He is also fined $5,650.

[Pacquiao playing] is a joke… Professional boxer? Yeah. Congressman? All right. But professional basketball player? Seriously? It’s a joke.

Rene Pardo of the Hotshots:

Everyone is angry at him. It is like he went to the United States and insulted the name of Martin Luther King.

PBA commissioner Chito Salud:

This office disapproves of and frowns upon the cavalier manner in which Mr. Orton issued his comments and the unwarranted antics and liberties he has taken with the league and a fellow player. This insulting behavior will never be condoned by the league.

23 Feb, 2015



The Indianapolis Colts cut Francois. By releasing him, the Colts save $4.875 million in salary-cap space.

18 Nov, 2014

Released by Steelers

The Steelers release Blount. The announcement comes one day after he left the field early during the Steelers’ victory against the Titans. According to an insider with the Steelers organization Blount had been exhibiting inappropriate behavior for some time, and the incident during the Titans game was the last straw. Coach Tomlin:

We believe the decision to release LeGarrette is in the best interest of the organization and wish him the best of luck.