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After an extensive tour for Folie à Deux, the members of Fall Out Boy each have their own reasons to take a break. Patrick Stump, lead vocals, is at the heaviest weight he has been and hates the “emo” titling Fall Out Boy had be associated with. Andy Hurley, drummer, fallsl into a deep state of depression after coming off tour to an empty schedule. Pete Wentz, bassist, has been abusing Xanax and is divorced by his wife, Ashlee Simpson, and is on a rigorous therapy schedule. Patrick Stump:

It’s been about ten years and for a better part of that we were working constantly. We were tired of the grind. We would play 500 shows in a two-year period, you know? And the other thing — the fact that we weren’t all into the same kind of music made the band kind of cool, but it’s very strange when it’s expected that you be monogamous with that band for the rest of your life. Andy Hurley is a metal drummer, first and foremost, and it was really awkward for him to think that he’d never play metal again. It was awkward for me to never sing R&B music again or to never play drums myself. Everybody had their own reasoning. It’s not creative difference. It’s just, like, creative wanderlust.

16 Dec, 2008

Folie à Deux

220px-FobfolieFall Out Boy releases Folie à Deux (French for “A Madness Shared by Two” ), the bands fourth studio album. Unlike it’s predecessors, Folie à Deux debutes at number eight on the Billboard Top 100 chart, making it the third top ten album from the band. This album is the first Fall Out Boy album to feature lyrics that are not autobiographical. The album features Lil Wayne and Pharrell, along with Blondie’s Deborah Harry. Joe Trohman:

We mix the influences in a way that sounds new and complete. But they all can’t work. For instance, I love heavy metal. But for me to insert Randy Rhoads licks into Fall Out Boy’s music, it’d sound crazy. So I hold back, which creates a cool kind of tension. I think casual listeners can pick up on that, even if they’re not sure why it’s happening.

1 Apr, 2008

Live in Phoenix

220px-Fob_-_live_in_Phoenix_CdFollowing the success of Infinity on High and a sold out U.S. arena tour, Fall Out Boy releases their first live album **** Live in Phoenix. A DVD of an entire performance is released as well as a behind the scenes short film of tour shenanigans the band mates endure. The two-disc package debuted at number one on Billboard’s Music Video Sales chart.

5 Feb, 2007

Infinity on High

220px-InfinityonhighMoving away from their signature style, Fall Out Boy introduces funk and R&B into their third studio album, Infinity on High. The album includes sinlges This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race and Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. The record also includes collaborations with producers Jay-Z and Babyface.

Pete Wentz:

The new album is called Infinity on High. It’s taken from a quote by Vincent van Gogh. And as for what that means in relation to the record, we’ll just let it will unfold when people hear it.

3 May, 2005

From Under the Cork Tree

Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork TreeFrom Under the Cork Tree is released by Island Records along with the band’s breakthrough hit, “Sugar We’re Going Down”. Unlike the rushed recording schedule put on the band for Take This To Your Grave, From Under the Cork Tree was recorded more gradually and was the band’s first album in which all songs were composed by lead singer, Patrick Stump, and lyrics written by bassist, Pete Wentz.

3 May, 2003

Take This To Your Grave

Take_This_To_Your_GraveTake This To Your Grave is released by Fueled by Ramen to positive reviews. The band swiftly gained popularity as crowds during their shows would end in riots as several fans would end up on stage. The band got large amounts of recognition from larger companies such as Alternative Press and Hot Topic, along with appearances on major summer tours like South by Southwest (SXSW) and Van’s Warped Tour. Before the release, the band was adamant to not have the album leaked or previewed because they believed it had more potential than the time frame in which they recorded it allowed. Alternative Press calls the record:

A sub-cultural touchstone […] a magical, transcendent a deceptively smart pop-punk masterpiece that ushered in a vibrant scene resurgence with a potent combination of charisma, new media marketing and hardcore punk urgency

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