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Talks about suicide attempt

24 Aug, 2014

Fantasia talks about her suicide attempt. She says she has been battling depression since 2004. Also, she had a fallout with her relationship with Antwaun Cook, and had criticism from producers of the show American Idol for past decision and choices Fantasia made in her life.

When I was on Idol … they weren’t really looking at my gift…[Producers] were focusing on all the bad things I had done before I made it there. I have feelings, you know. I’m human.

She’s had money issues with mismanaging funds and had her home foreclosed on. All these stresses added to her depression. She released her autobiography and that added to her depression.

After putting out my Lifetime movie and my book [Life Is Not a Fairy Tale], [people] picked certain things in the book, [saying], ‘She’s illiterate, she’s dumb’.

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