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12 Nov, 2015

$1million for Tor users identities

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Operators of the Tor network accuse Carnegie Mellon of accepting up to $1million from the FBI to help help track users running illegal operations on websites. Tor director Roger Dingledine questions the university’s ethics

We think it’s unlikely they could have gotten a valid warrant … [since it] appears to have indiscriminately targeted many users at once… The mere veneer of law enforcement investigation cannot justify wholesale invasion of people’s privacy… If academia uses ‘research’ as a stalking horse for privacy invasion, the entire enterprise of security research will fall into disrepute.


8 May, 2015

Longhorn Bandit suspect dies

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The man suspected to be the Longhorn Bandit, shoots an FBI agent then shoots and kills himself during the routine service of an arrest warrant. The agent is expected to recover and no others are injured according to reports. FBI Spokesperson:

Officers were looking for a suspected bank robber dubbed the “Longhorn Bandit.” The name came from video showing the man wearing a Texas Longhorns baseball cap during the robberies. . . The suspect fired two shots at law enforcement agents, who did not fire back. He then shot himself in the room.

Robber shoots FBI agent

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fbi shotA suspected bank robber shoots an FBI agent in the leg. He is being treated at a local area hospital for non-life threatening injuries. FBI official:

Any individual who commits a violent crime like a bank robbery, we are going to treat with great precaution, and unfortunately one of our agents was hurt today. Fortunately it’s not life threatening.