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Feidin Santana is a naturalized American citizen, born in the Dominican Republic, who works as a barber. He came to public attention in April 2015 for his cellphone video of the shooting of Walter Scott by Michael Slager.

4 Apr, 2015

Slager kills Scott


Santana is walking to the barbershop where he works, when he sees Officer Slager chasing Scott on foot and starts to record the incident on his cell phone as they enter a deserted area. He hears a Taser gun go off and sees Scott running away from Slager. The video shows Officer Slager draw his weapon, and as Scott turns and begins to run away, Slager fires his weapon eight times towards Scott’s back as he flees. Slager then walks over to Scott who lies motionless in the grass, and places handcuffs on his wrists, behind his back. Another officer then arrives on the scene. Scott is later pronounced dead. Santana says that Scott did not reach out to grab Taser, as the police officer originally stated.

Walter Scott Shooting VIDEO: Police Officer Michael Slager Shoots Black Man Multiple Times in Back

Police tell Santana to stay where he was, he said. But he flees, out of fear for what he had seen, what he had done and what might happen to him. He is shocked when a client mentioned later that day that there was a commotion near the shop and that a man had been killed by police. Santana had not realized that the man he saw being shot had died.

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