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Fans and experts compare McGregor-Mayweather training videos

30 Jun, 2017

After McGregor and Mayweather release training videos, fans debate the relative merits of each fighter. Mirror Online boxing expert Martin Domin says that fans should not read too much into the comparison.

Ignoring the fact for a moment that there will be no punch bags in the ring come August 26 (unless Conor McGregor really does take a beating), there is an enormous difference between the two workouts. Floyd Mayweather is hitting a floor-to-ceiling speed ball which is designed to improve a fighter’s hand-eye co-ordination. Surprisingly enough, it also looks good when filmed and posted on Instagram. McGregor on the other hand is using first an uppercut bag followed by a standard punch bag, and it’s fairly evident he is working on shot execution and placement rather than trying to dazzle anyone with his speed. If you truly believe McGregor couldn’t look good on a speedball, you’re in the wrong game.

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