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Mayweather beats Ortiz by KO

17 Sep, 2011

Mayweather and Ortiz fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Mayweather wins the first three rounds, but in the fourth round Ortiz lands a few shots before intentionally headbutting Mayweather in the face, opening a cut on the inside and outside of Mayweather’s mouth. Referee Joe Cortez immediately calls a timeout and docks Ortiz a point for the foul. After the fighters touch gloves and briefly hug, Mayweather immediately catches Ortiz with a left hook before he puts his hands up. Stunned by the punch, and still not raising his hands to defend himself, Ortiz looks to the referee. Mayweather then hits Ortiz with a flush right to the face. Ortiz falls to the canvas, and Mayweather is declared the winner. This is Mayweather’s final knockout in any fight. Mayweather:

In the ring, you have to protect yourself at all times. After it happened, we touched gloves and we were back to fighting and then I threw the left hook and right hand after the break.

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