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Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr, is an American boxer, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1977. Widely considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time, he is undefeated as a professional (49-0) and is a five-division world champion. Mayweather won fifteen world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes (twice at welterweight).

23 Jun, 2017

Hopkins: McGregor-Mayweather is a ‘fake news’ fight

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Hopkins says that Canelo vs Gennady Golovkin is a superior fight to Mayweather vs McGregor.

Conor who? People got a choice they can go for the fake news, which is Floyd Mayweather vs. what’s his name again? Come on. You got a first-class. legend Icon fighting who. And you want to pass up a canelo and triple G fight?. Are we kidding ourselves? You got a chance to get in a Ferrari but you choose the Pontiac?!?

White praises McGregor’s odds vs other boxers

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White posts to Twitter comparing McGregor’s betting odds agaisnt other fighters who have faced Mayweather.

People talking shit that doesn’t have a chance vs Mayweather. Oddsmakers disagree!!! ? Odds for Conor vs other great boxers

Florian: McGregor needs to ‘get nasty’ to beat Mayweather

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Former UFC title contender Kenny Florian says McGregor has a chance to get to Mayweather, but his best weapon is most likely psychological.

I think honestly the best thing that Conor could do is what he does outside of the ring, outside of the cage, and that is get inside the head of Floyd Mayweather. Get him emotional, get him leaping in, that’s when Conor gets the knockouts. Everyone talks about the power of Conor, absolutely I’m sure he hits very hard, but he gets guys lunging in. He gets guys emotional. He gets them doing things they don’t normally do and that’s what he needs to do against Floyd. I don’t know if Floyd’s dealt with someone who talks trash like Conor McGregor and gets you emotional like Conor McGregor. The other thing he could do is try to get nasty. Get a little rough, get into the clinch, tire out those arms by doing maybe what Rocky Marciano used to do, which is beat up the arms a little bit, get those tired, clinch him up, try to tire him out. Do something unusual.

92% of Irish bets are for McGregor to win

Places bet

PaddyPower reports that 92 per cent of bets that have been placed in Ireland on the McGregor-Mayweather fight have been for McGregor to win. The unexpected support at the bookies has prompted Paddy Power to cut McGregor’s outsider odds from 13/2 to 4/1 in recent days:

Given the nature of the betting, we’d be left more battered and bruised than any of the Dubliner’s previous opponents should he upset the odds.

Bookies are also offering bets on whether Sinead O’Connor’s will sing The Foggy Dew (5-2) and whether McGregor will do the Billionaire Strut (1-2), if Mayweather will win in a first round KO (33-1), McGregor will be disqualified for kicking (10-1), and whether his next fight is with a bear (100-1), Hulk Hogan (500-1) or UFC lightweight title rivals Khabib Nurmagomedov (6-4) or Tony Ferguson (6-1).

22 Jun, 2017

Kavanagh: ‘We’re looking forward to shocking the world’

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In an article for The42, Coach Kavanagh gives his thoughts on the McGregor-Mayweather fight.

On one of my first trips to Las Vegas with Conor McGregor, probably back in 2014, I recall him mentioning the possibility of a fight against Floyd Mayweather. I stopped doubting him a long time ago at this stage, but I remember at the time laughing it off as nothing more than a novel idea that could never possibly become a reality. Now here we are and it’s just over nine weeks away…We’re in the midst of three good weeks of training here in Ireland, before departing for Las Vegas in mid-July. I believe there will be quite a large media world tour squeezed in there as well.

He talks about the mural:

I wanted to put something suitable on the wall because Conor is a big believer in visualisation and manifesting what you can conceive into reality. That’s the shot we believe will win the fight for Conor and it’s now there for us to see whenever we train.

On strategy:

Mayweather has been in the boxing world for his entire career and everyone he’s faced has moved in a certain way that he’s pre-conditioned to handle. Now he’s going up against a guy who doesn’t follow any set patterns, who can deploy a variety of different styles of fighting and is not one bit intimidated. Conor is — as we all are here — 100% confident in victory. That kind of person is very difficult to deal with…We’re not going over to Las Vegas to make up the numbers on 26 August. When this contest takes place, we’ll be 100% ready — physically and mentally — and nothing other than victory will be acceptable. We’re looking forward to shocking the world — again.

Berto: If McGregor catches Mayweather ‘he’ll be the king of the world’

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Berto​, who went 12 rounds with Mayweather in 2015, says McGregor has the confidence to be able to stand up to Mayweather and win.

It’s the fight game. Something can happen. He catches [Mayweather], no-one gonna be able to tell Conor anything. He’s gonna be king of the world. He’s special as well. I’ve never seen an UFC or MMA fighter — and I’ve been watching for a long time — soak in and soak up that atmosphere and be able to soak in that pressure. And still look so relaxed, and capitalize on that. [He should] Just do what he does. Just stay sharp. Stay confident, within that arena.

Mayweather works out in California gym

Video appearance

Mayweather appears in a video, working out for four hours at the Ten Goose Boxing Gym in Van Nuys, California in preparation for his fight with McGregor.

You name him, I beat him. I can get a black eye, I can get a bloody nose, at the end of  the day I don’t have a bad payday, and I don’t have a bad day under the lights.

Gym mural makers want to inspire McGregor

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Subset, the company that created the mural of McGregor punching Mayweather that has formed the backdrop of two recent Instagram posts by the Irish fighter, explains how it came about.

The artwork is a gift for John [Kavanagh] which will aid Conor with the visualization of his success. As it was a surprise, we were required to produce it once he finished a training session on Sunday evening and before he began another training session on Monday night. We filmed his arrival and reaction to the artwork and we are currently in the process of making a short video using the footage. This will be posted online in the coming days.


Kavanagh, Roddy and Lobov will be at McGregor’s ringside

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Roddy, McGregor’s striking coach, says that he will be on duty at McGregor’s side during the Mayweather fight, and that the fighter will also be supported by Lovov, his sparring partner, and coach Kavanagh.

At the moment, it’s going to be me, John, possibly Artem and I think there’s four. Obviously he’ll have to get his own cut man and stuff like that. He hasn’t sorted that just yet. But it’ll definitely be myself, John and Artem at the moment…We’re not bringing anybody in as of yet, but who knows down the line…We’re gonna head over the states in the next couple of weeks. But at the moment, we’re in Dublin, we’re all working together. We came up with a game plan that we think can shock the world and we’re gonna stick to that for the time being.

Triple H invites McGregor and Mayweather to Monday Night Raw

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WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Triple H invites McGregor and Mayweather to come to WWE Raw and ‘show the world why they’re the man’.

All sports is entertainment, news is entertainment today, it is just the way of the world. Everything is entertainment, that is what people do with their time. This is no different…I think there is an interest level there. Can a world-class boxer, probably the best ever, can he stand in the ring with an MMA guy? And can that MMA guy bring his striking skills up to the level of somebody like Floyd Mayweather?  The one thing it will be, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is entertaining. One thing Floyd Mayweather is, he is entertaining. Conor McGregor is entertaining. You [could] say it is sports entertainment and, if they want to really showcase what they can do, I would invite both guys to come to Monday Night Raw. There is no bigger platform that they could have to show the world and tell the world, who they are, and why they are the man.

20 Jun, 2017

Rogan: If Conor McGregor headkicked Floyd ‘he would be a god damn folk hero’

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On his podcast, Rogan ponders the consequences of McGregor kicking Mayweather in the head.

[Kicking him in the head] would be f-cked up. There’s probably some stipulations in the contract that say, ‘you can’t get him in an armbar or choke him.’.. Could you imagine? He would be a god damn folk hero. If they got in close and Floyd was shucking and juking on the outside and he threw a jab to cover up a left high kick and that left high kick necks him? Just clang, and you see Floyd go limp – and he would go limp. He’s never been high kicked like that. Jesus, that would be crazy. Would it be worth it? It would but it would f-ck everything up because no one would ever trust another fighter from MMA to ever fight a boxer in a boxing match again.

19 Jun, 2017

Mayweather and McGregor to go on promo tour

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While on The MMA Hour Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions talks about the upcoming McGregor-Mayweather fight.

Both sides were able to walk away from this deal, and everyone was happy. There was nothing contentious at all…Floyd Mayweather is is the A side in everything he does…We’re planning a tour. Those details will be forthcoming.

Roddy: McGregor to floor Mayweather mid fight

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Speaking on The MMA Hour, McGregor’s striking coach says the Irishman will be able to beat Mayweather.

I think he’s gonna put him away. He’s gonna KO him. It’ll take a couple of rounds…Conor does these exceptional things all the time. If he says he’s gonna knock him out, then he’ll knock him out..I think mid-fight. We need to be able to see what Mayweather is gonna come in with…Conor has an exceptional ability to read fighters. Read where they’re going, and read what their gonna do…Look, there’s no doubt in my mind. It’s gonna be one of the most insane fights ever…[Gloves are not a problem]. Conor hits like a middleweight…He’s got cat-like reflexes. He’s so quick on his slips and pulls, and he’s very accurate as well.

Winkeljohn: McGregor can win if he ‘does something Floyd hasn’t seen before’

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Striking coach Winkeljohn says he can see a scenario in which McGregor gets the job done.

If I was to put money on it I’d put Mayweather. But I think Conor has a chance early on. I think if Conor can come in with some different things that Floyd hasn’t seen, off-angle things that he can attack so Floyd can’t hide behind his shoulder as such, he could pull off a surprise. But that would play out real quickly if Conor’s thinking those thoughts. He’s got to come to the table with something that Floyd hasn’t seen much before. And those are the things Conor can do. Conor’s very athletic. Conor’s got a great understanding of angles and footwork. But to do those things, that takes a lot of energy. And in a world title fight do you hold back because you’re worried about running out of gas, or do you just let it go? And that’s tough. That’s a hard call to make on the outside, trying to figure out what’s going on in a fighter’s mind.

Coker to UFC: You’re putting McGregor in harm’s way

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Coker, who is the CEO of the Bellator promotion, says there could be long-term repercussions that could affect the UFC’s biggest superstar.

Obviously, it’s gonna be a big money maker for everybody and that’s why they’re doing it. But you’re putting your fighter in harm’s way, so what’s the long-term impact on that? I’m not sure. But I’ll tell you this: It’ll be a lot of fun to watch…Any time Mayweather fights, the circus is in town, man. It’s gonna be a big, big promotion. And Conor he can carry his own on the mic. The whole campaign leading up to the event is gonna be more entertaining than the fight.

Woodley to place $1000 bet on McGregor to beat Mayweather

Places bet

Woodley says he is going to put $1000 on McGregor to beat Mayweather.

To be honest, me and Conor ain’t really seen eye to eye on a lot of things. In the end I still really want to scrap him. But I’m betting on Conor [Because] I bet a grand, I win 6500 bucks. I bet two grand, get 13 grand. This is freaking combat sports, anybody got a chance. So I’m willing to lose for the chance to win… I don’t think he’s gonna win, but if he prove me wrong then I, at least, want to cash in on it.

Hatton: I hope McGregor wins, but ‘it could be a 12 round onslaught’

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Hatton, who was stopped by Mayweather in the 10th round when the pair met in 2007, says the American could win every round, although accepts there could be plenty of entertainment.

I can’t say I’m a fan of it. I’m a fan of UFC, a fan of McGregor – he’s got character, he’s exciting, entertaining, value for money. I hope I don’t upset any Irish fans or Conor, but I can’t get excited about this fight one bit. When I look at some of the people Mayweather has beaten like Saul Alvarez – he’s not going to be as big a puncher as Alvarez, and he couldn’t lay a glove on him. I feel embarrassed to say this but I’d be very surprised if [McGregor] wins a round. I hope he does well. I hope he wins. There’s no doubt whose corner I’m in, but if you’re asking me to be brutally honest I can’t see anything other than a shut-out for Mayweather. I think it could be a 12-round onslaught, to be honest with you…Boxing and UFC have to take the blame for it – I don’t think you can blame the fighters because it’s going to be a stack of money. Good luck to the boys. Who’s going to turn their back on that? I just can’t say I’m a fan of this. I’m fans of both sports but they’re their own individual sports and they should stick to their own.

17 Jun, 2017

Joshua responds to Mayweather challenge

Video appearance

Joshua responds to Mayweather’s challenge for people to show their authentic lives with a selfie video — like Mayweather’s — taken outside a private jet.

We’re doing the Mayweather challenge. This ain’t my plane. These ain’t my whips…But these are my true friends. That’s all I got! Mayweather challenge, show us how you’re living.

Boxing officials considering unique diamond belt for mega-fight

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Sulaiman, the WBC president, says he is considering a one-off diamond belt for the McGregor-Mayweather fight.

Maybe, I don’t know. I’m not against it. Of course this is a WBC board decision but we have to celebrate that boxing is having world attention regardless. We need to receive from the promoter if they want any intervention from a boxing organisation. We do medicals, we do drug testing, weigh-ins and specific boxing matters that helps the promoter with the organisation to conduct safely an event. We haven’t received anything yet and we don’t know what Mayweather wants to do.

He also believes Mayweather will win:

When you have a Muay Thai fighter in Thailand, they make their career and then they jump into international boxing and many have been very successful. McGregor has been successful in MMA but in boxing rules it’s going to be a very difficult challenge for him…It’s hard to say if it’s a mismatch. I personally don’t see a way that Mayweather can lose to McGregor because it’s in boxing and you are talking about Floyd Mayweather, the greatest tactical fighter who has intelligence and speed.

McGregor-Mayweather venue clash

Appearance announcement

TMZ reports that the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas is already booked for the proposed date for the McGregor-Mayweather fight on August 26 by Ice Cube’s BIG 3  basketball league. BIG3 sources say they have no plans to move — they still have the venue booked and expect to play there on August 26th. McGregor-Mayweather sources say that BIG 3 will be moved to MGM Grand Garden Arena.

16 Jun, 2017

Lobov puts fights on hold to help train McGregor

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Lobov says he is putting his career on hold while he helps McGregor prepare to fight Mayweather.

I was offered a fight with Andre Fili. He was calling me out on Twitter. I would’ve taken the fight, but it’s just too hard for me to commit to something on July 29. I’m needed in this camp. It would’ve been too much of a risk for me…Let’s be honest: I don’t give a (expletive) about Andre Fili. I could fight that guy any day of the week. Once this fight is out of the way, and Conor knocks out Mayweather and has the world at his feet, we can see what’s going to happen then. Conor got into the UFC. We all helped him to get there, and then he pulled everybody up there with him. I owe it to him to help him in any way I can…I know John Kavanagh is going to be involved. Owen Roddy will be involved, too. This is the team that we prepare with for every fight, and it will be no different for this fight. This has been the team from the start. This is the dream team, and it’s staying that way. Of course, if we feel that there are some areas where we are lacking knowledge or expertise, we will bring in people.

He also believes that McGregor will win:

There’s one thing I would say to all of the critics: Don’t try to hate the man that dares to do the impossible. He has proven plenty of people wrong before, so I think it’s time for everybody to support him and believe in him. Conor doesn’t just show up for a payday and take a beating. He is in this fight because he knows he can win it. I know he can win this. Not only do I know he can win this, he will win it. I’m 100 percent certain of that. He stops him before Round 6 is over. Mark my words.

Mayweather: McGregor’s ‘a hell of a competitor’

Makes StatementTribute

In his first interview since his fight with McGregor is announced, Mayweather pays tribute to his opponent.

McGregor is a tough competitor. People all around the world demanded this fight, so I had to give the people what they wanted to see. They asked for this fight, I was retired but they wanted me back. I’m back. Both parties are very happy. He’s very happy, I’m very happy and I can’t wait. … Believe in Conor … he’s a hell of a competitor.

Collins: McGregor’s ‘brave, he’s got a heart, and he’s afraid of nobody’

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Collins, who helped train McGregor in boxing, says he knew McGregor would make an impact in the sport.

Four years ago, I always reckoned that he could have gone all the way in boxing for the reason that his work ethic is unbelievable. You know when somebody walks into a room and stands out. I would watch him for an hour and he’d practice the same move over and over. He’s brave, he’s got a heart, and he’s afraid of nobody.

Saki: McGregor’s pressure could be decisive against Mayweather

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Saki, who recently signed to the UFC, and is a world championship kickboxer, says McGregor’s pressure could be decisive against Mayweather.

I spar a lot of professional boxing fighters also and they’re used to fighting over twelve rounds, three minutes. They start slowly. If Conor starts aggressive and he makes a lot of pressure… If I was him, I would make war with Floyd for five, six rounds. I believe — everybody will laugh — but I believe he will make a chance because he has good eyes too. They are not used to aggressive fighters. If you see [Floyd’s] last couple of fights, only Maidana was fighting aggressive with him. He hit him a couple of times. He also almost knocked him out.

McGregor’s manager: The fans are going to be really happy

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Attar, McGregor’s manager and founder of Paradigm Sports Management, talks about the McGregor-Mayweather deal.

Early on it was really still a vision that not too many, other than I think Floyd, Conor and our team, really saw as being a viable opportunity. Fan interest started building up; the fans really want to see this and then the UFC sat down with us. That was when it started to feel real. I think credit to all parties involved. Going through the negotiation process, figuring out what’s important to all parties and then being able to connect all the dots and make a deal is unprecedented…The fight is unprecedented. I think what we’ve done, just in regards to having Conor cross over and box arguably the greatest boxer of all time is unprecedented and I think this event will be unprecedented. I think the fans are going to walk away feeling really happy. The naysayers think that Conor is walking in there for a payday but he’s going in there to compete; he is going in there to shock the world. He’s kinda had that approach an chip on his shoulder throughout his entire, and young, fight career thus far. This fight is no different. The stakes are really high. We’re really happy from a business standpoint how the deal ended up but make no mistake about it, he is going in there to compete.

15 Jun, 2017

McGregor-Mayweather ticket for sale at one million dollars


Viagogo, an online ticket reseller, is selling tickets for what it describes as ‘The Billion Dollar Fight’ between McGregor and Mayweather at prices ranging from €7,386.89 to €891,067 (US$993,000). By comparison, For the so-called ‘Fight of the Century’ (Pacquiao vs Mayweather), tickets were almost impossible to come by with a huge number being distributed to sponsors, promoters, and celebrities before they even went on general sale. When the public eventually did have a chance to try and purchase tickets for the event, they were being sold for prices varying from $1,500 to $7,500 and sold out in a matter of seconds. However, in the United States, it is legal to resell tickets online via third party platforms and some were resold for as much as $128,000.


Quigley: McGregor will ‘knock Mayweather cold’

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Irish boxer Jason Quigley says McGregor will KO Mayweather.

People’s gonna think I’m crazy. People’s gonna go mad about this. But mark my words, Conor McGregor is gonna knock Mayweather cold..Conor believes it. I belive it, and Ireland believes it. Conor has so much belief in himself. Floyd Mayweather is moving on in his career, he’s getting past it a bit. He keeps himself well, don’t get me wrong. But Floyd Mayweather won’t damage McGregor..McGregor is gonna open a lot of eyes. He’s gonna make history and be the first man to knock Mayweather out cold.

Kellerman: McGregor will not land a single punch against Mayweather

Makes Statement

ESPN’s Max Kellerman says McGregor as a “pure puncher” but doesn’t believe that he will connect on a single punch against Mayweather.

Conor McGregor is a pure puncher. The reason I know he’s a purch puncher is that I’ve seen him score knockouts going backwards. That is not easy to do…You need to be a price punching power. McGregor has natural punching ability…I’m a big McGregor fan, and if he had been boxing all this time maybe it’ll be a different story…But Conor McGregor will not land a single punch against Floyd. Not one punch.

McGregor contractually forbidden from kicking Mayweather

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White says McGregor will be contractually prohibited from “going rogue” and elbowing or kicking Mayweather in their Aug. 26 boxing match. White also says there will be no MMA component to the show.

There is no way that will happen. That is absolutely in the contract, No.1. No. 2 this is a boxing match under the rules of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. When you talk about a guy like Floyd Mayweather — the lawsuit if that ever happened…you all know how much Conor likes money. Conor would depart with a whole lot of money if that ever happened.

Mayweather vs. McGregor conference call

Press Conference

White and Mayweather’s management team talk to journalists on a conference call. White says that McGregor will face a legal penalty if he uses MMA techniques in the ring. He also says that the financial details are confidential. White:

McGregor told me today: The McGregor clan has been taking over villages for 300 years and the Mayweather village is next.

Dana White answers fan questions on livestream

Video appearance

White appears live on Facebook to answer fan questions. He confirms the date, venue, weight and gloves choice. He says the undercard will be put together by Mayweather’s side.

I think that whenever two guys get in there and start throwing punches, anything is possible. If you talk to Conor McGregor he’ll make you belive he’ll win this fight…Conor will turn around and fight again this year after the Mayweather fight…there will be no MMA on this event this event, only boxing…the weight was not an issue at all with Floyd Mayweather, which I didn’t expect…the press conference will be ridiculous…Mayweather, seriously guys, has not complained about anything, he’s been actually really easy to deal with.

14 Jun, 2017

White: McGregor-Mayweather will be at T-Mobile Arena, 154 pounds, 10 oz gloves

Makes Statement

White says McGregor will fight Mayweather at T-Mobile Arena at 154 pounds.

We’ve been in negotiations now for a while, and to be honest with you negotiations went smooth. Floyd is surrounded by smart people and we got this thing done. The impossible deal is now done.It’ll be at the T-Mobile Centre in Vegas, it’ll be at 154-pounds, they’ll wear 10-0z gloves, it’ll be in a ring. It’s a boxing event. Mayweather Promotions will build the undercard for it. Those are pretty much the basics right now.

Introduces ‘The Mayweather Challenge’

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Mayweather introduces the ‘Mayweather Challenge,’ in which he appeals to people to live authentic lives, while at the door of his private jet.

Ladies and Gentlemen. We better start a new challenge. It’s called the Mayweather Challenge. The Mayweather Challenge is when you’re really living it, when you ain’t frightened and you ain’t lying to the people. When you’re really living the lifestyle that you say you’re living…[Introduces pilots] This is my jet, my pilots. So, listen. We’re tired of people on social media living a certain lifestyle when they really don’t. So the Mayweather challenge is showing the people how you really live.

Ward: McGregor vs. Mayweather doesn’t ‘ruin boxing’

Makes Statement

Light heavyweight champion Andre Ward says he doesn’t think the McGregor-Mayweather matchup will hurt boxing.

No, not at all. I think you just got to see it for what it’s worth. I think it’s something that’s never been done before in the sport, and I think just enjoy it. You’re going to pay and wanna tune in and be engaged with the spectacle, just understand what you’re getting into. And if it’s also a great fight, for however long it lasts, then that’s a bonus. All this talk about it ruining boxing — this is just something different. You’re going to have people speak out against it, it’s never been done before. But look at all the mainstream press that this situation has been getting over the last year. Every fighter that I see, every interview I do, I’m asked about it. And it’s bringing attention to our sport, casual attention. Mainstream attention.

13 Jun, 2017

Jeff Mayweather: Floyd is ‘getting ready for something’


Hee interviews Jeff Mayweather and Kevin Newman about the date, the venue, the weight, and Floyd’s training for the fight with McGregor. Jeff:

Well I don’t know anything. But Floyd is training, so he’s getting ready for something…Now he’s working consistently. Normally he wouldn’t do that unless he’s getting ready for something…To be honest, any time Floyd fights it’s gonna be huge…I’ve heard [they will fight at] 150. Floyd will be comfortable at any weight…It’s a boxing match, it’s not an MMA match, so it doesn’t matter what Conor brings. He’s got two hands just like Floyd.

Mayweather friend says McGregor fight contract has been signed


Joe Biggs says he has heard from David Rodriguez, ex-heavyweight boxer, and friend of Mayweather, that Mayweather has signed the fight contract with McGregor.

12 Jun, 2017

Collins: With the right preparation McGregor can ‘stop’ Mayweather

Makes Statement

Former WBO super middleweight and middleweight champion Steve Collins, who was one of the earliest sports stars to acknowledge McGregor’s potential, says ‘The Notorious’ can beat Mayweather.

This is a guy that I know for 20 years. He was involved in my career. When he said it could happen if it was put together the right way, I knew it was a possibility. It’s a guaranteed money-maker. Whether it’s through curiosity or belief, or just wanting to see one martial art against another, all the ingredients are there to make this happen. I thought it would have happened sooner, if anything, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we see these guys in the ring soon…I could tell you how he could beat Mayweather. I can see him doing it. A victory for Conor is something that can definitely happen, and I think he will shock the world. He has the tools and the ability. If he prepares the right way, he won’t just beat Mayweather – he’ll stop him.

Regarding Eddie Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya’s criticism of the fight:

They should all just shut their mouths and concentrate on their own careers. All of these boxers are just jealous because Conor and Mayweather are going to make a fortune. Between the two of them, they’re creating interest that is unprecedented. The guys who are calling this a mockery are just upset because they aren’t in the headlines. If they were in the middle of this and they were fighting McGregor, they wouldn’t be saying any of this. It’s just jealousy.

Mayweather books MGM Grand for August 26

Appearance announcement

Mayweather has booked the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for August 26th, for a potential superfight with McGregor. Mayweather has fought at the venue for the final dozen bouts of his career. His promotional company have also reserved the arena on August 25 for a weigh-in. The as yet unannounced fight will be shown on Showtime, Mayweather’s long-time broadcaster of choice.

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