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12 Nov, 2014 interview


Jericho talks to about Fozzy’s new album and their popularity in the UK.

Yeah, they really love us here. For some reason the UK has always supported Fozzy and its a great territory and a great Jericho territory. Whether its coming here with the WWE or coming here with Fozzy, I love the UK.

4 Aug, 2014

Reddit AMA

Jericho hosts an “Ask Me Anything” chat on Reddit. Jericho discusses wrestling, Fozzy and his current status with WWE.

I can’t balance both. Which [is] why I only come back to the WWE when Fozzy is taking a break. My WWE stints will be more like tours now. And this tour ends September in Nashville.

23 Jul, 2014

Talk is Jericho interview


Fozzy are guests on Talk is Jericho to discuss their new album and song writing. Ward talks writing.

For years, I remember working with Andy Sneap and I worked with him previously. He used to make fun of me and say, “You can’t write a song over 3 minutes and 35 seconds.” I kind of have a formula like all writers have a formula.



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