Garth Brooks

Ropin’ in the Wind

2 Sep, 1991

indexBrooks releases Ropin’ in the Wind, his third album. The single Shamless is cover of a Billy Joel song, previously recorded on his 1989 album Storm Front.

Ropin’ the Wind was what we called the son of Fences. Ropin’ the Wind was made in this kind of tour that we were on from No Fences. We were gone, pretty much 250 days out of the year. And in that remaining 100 days, I elected to cut Ropin’ The Wind, and try to write for it. This album became a lot bigger than I ever thought it could possibly be. And when I listen to the singles off of it like Rodeo, What She’s Doing Now, The River, Papa Loved Mama, and Shameless, I look at it and stand very proud. And then when I also look at the cuts, Against The Grain, Cold Shoulder, these songs I am equally proud of.’

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