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Google Glass is a wearable computer and display that is worn like glasses in a frame across the eyes.

26 Jun, 2014

UK Glass regulations


Andrew Paterson, senior technology officer at the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK, writes in a blog post that businesses using Glass are subject to laws in the country regarding how data is stored and secured:

Organizations must not lose sight of the fact that wearables must still operate in compliance with the law and consumers’ personal information must be looked after.

A Google spokeswoman responds:

The fact that Glass is worn above the eyes and the screen lights up whenever it’s activated clearly signals it’s in use and makes it a fairly lousy surveillance device.

8 Jun, 2014

AT&T rumors denied


A Google spokesperson tells Phandroid that Glass is not coming to AT&T stores:

We have no plans to sell Glass in AT&T stores.

The rumor is started by Twitter user @evleaks who has over 175,000 followers:

3 Jun, 2014

DVF | Made for Glass frames


Google announces eight new traditional frames and five new sunglasses for Glass, designed in collaboration between Google designer Isabelle Olsson and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. They will be available on June 23, 2014 and cost $120 more than other models of Glass. Olsson explains the vision behind Made for Glass:

Glass is designed to make your life easier. It offers a new, unique way of interacting with technology without distracting from your life. And it’s about being able to express your personal style at the same time. Diane really understood each of these goals and brought that vision to life. The Titanium Collection, which we released in January, is unisex, so I’m excited that we now have expressive women’s styles.

20 May, 2014

Dubai police use Glass


Dubai police officers are experimenting with using Google Glass to help them catch traffic violators. Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, the General Director of Smart Services at Dubai Police, says two applications have been created for Glass to aid officers in their job:

One will allow them to take photos of traffic violations from the Glass, which will go instantly into our system, and the other application helps identify wanted cars.

Dubai Police to use Google Glass to catch traffic violators

14 May, 2014

Integrated into UC Irvine School of Medicine


Google Glass is introduced into the curriculum at UC Irvine School of Medicine. It allows students to get a first-person view of what instructors are seeing when they work with patients. Dr. Warren Wiechmann, associate dean of instructional technologies, believes it will prepare the students for their real duties as physicians:

All of medicine is based on ‘seeing,’ not ‘reading,’ the patient.

12 May, 2014

Samsung announces competitor


Samsung announces that it will reveal a competitor to Google Glass at a trade show in September. A Samsung associate says:

We rolled out the smartwatch first, and have secured a considerable amount of smart glass-related technology and patents. Following the roll out of our smart watch Galaxy Gear in September last year, we are slated to introduce our smart glass Gear Glass this September.

7 May, 2014

First use in warehouse


Active Ants, an e-fulfillment company from the Netherlands, gives Google Glass to its stock pickers with custom applications to aid them in their jobs. This reduces their error rate by 12% and increases their stocking speed by 15%. Jereon Dekker, a managing partner for the company, explains how using Glass is preferable to using paper to document inventory:

The first benefit here is that the picker’s both hands are now free to access products in the shelves. The second benefit is the step towards a paperless world: lists no longer need to be printed, signed and bound. The third and probably the biggest advantage is the time saved by sending orders directly to the Google Glass, without first printing, signing and binding them. The fourth benefit is error reduction.

5 May, 2014

Google Wallet anticipated


A source close to Google tells TechCrunch that Google Wallet is coming to Glass soon. Users will have to install the Wallet glassware application and then say they will be able to use the “send money” voice command to transfer money. Google takes a 2.9% fee or 30 cents from Wallet transactions, whichever is higher.

Google Wallet Overview

18 Feb, 2014

Google: Don’t be a Glasshole


Google releases a list of do’s and don’ts for using Glass politely. Google suggests using Glass to explore the world and interact with others, using screen locks, using the voice commands, and contributing to the Glass Explorer community. However, they advise against zoning out for long periods of time while staring at the screen, engaging in high-impact sports, being rude about attention the device garners, and being a Glasshole:

Don’t be creepy or rude (aka, a “Glasshole”). Respect others and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy. Be polite and explain what Glass does and remember, a quick demo can go a long way. In places where cell phone cameras aren’t allowed, the same rules will apply to Glass. If you’re asked to turn your phone off, turn Glass off as well. Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass and will ruin it for other Explorers.

4 Apr, 2012

Project Glass announced


Google announces Project Glass, which aims to create glasses that have similar functionality to that of a smartphone. The project is early in development, but Google says that they want to release information about it in order to receive feedback from consumers. They release a concept video on Youtube depicting what using the glasses could be like when they are released:

Project Glass: One day...

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