Google Glass

Explorer detained in theater

30 May, 2014

An anonymous Glass Explorer is detained for wearing Glass in an AMC movie theater. The employees believe he is recording the movie with Glass, but he says he wears the device all the time because they have prescription lenses. He also claims the device is shut off.

Because I don’t want Glass to distract me during the movie, I turn them off (but since my prescription lenses are on the frame, I still wear them). About an hour into the movie (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), a guy comes near my seat, shoves a badge that had some sort of a shield on it, yanks the Google Glass off my face and says “follow me outside immediately”.

AMC confirms what happened:

At AMC Easton 30 last weekend, a guest was questioned for possible movie theft after he was identified wearing a recording device during a film. The presence of this recording device prompted an investigation by the MPAA, which was on site. The MPAA then contacted Homeland Security, which oversees movie theft. The investigation determined the guest was not recording content.

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