Basecamps shut down

A Glass Explorer, Spencer Kleyweg, reports that the Google Glass Basecamps in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and New York are closing. The Basecamps served as a place for Glass users to get support for their devices, as well as for potential customers to see the device demonstrated in person. Google does not release a […]

Pokémon for iPad announced

YouTuber TheJWittz posts a tweet saying that the Pokémon Trading Card Game is coming to iPad. A Pokémon representative confirms it is true to Polygon but says they do not have a set release date. It looks like Pokémon TCGO is in works for the iPad! Should be a huge way to expand the game. […]

Update caues blue screen of death

The MS14-045 update to Windows 7 causes users to get a “blue screen of death” or “Stop 0x50” error on their computers. This error makes it so people cannot use their computers unless they do a system restore. Microsoft asks that users uninstall the update before they encounter the error if possible: Microsoft is investigating […]

Palmer returns to the community

Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer returns to the Reddit Dogecoin community after previously calling it “cult-like” by posting a link to a parody of Darude’s Sandstorm called Shibestorm: Consider this my official return to the sub 🙂

Satire tag

Facebook adds a satire tag to help people distinguish between real news articles and satirical articles from sites like The Onion. A Facebook representative says they added it in response to user demand: We are running a small test which shows the text ‘[Satire]’ in front of links to satirical articles in the related articles […]

Internet Explorer AMA

The Internet Explorer development team conducts an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit. They discuss technical aspects of creating a web browser, what it’s like to work at Microsoft, and the negative reputation Internet Explorer has in tech communities. They say they briefly considered changing Internet Explorer’s name to avoid the stigma against the […]

Available in South Africa

The South African online store Takealot becomes the first retailer in Africa to sell Google Glass. The price is R26,999 ($2,560), about $1,000 more expensive than it is in the United States. Takealot Google Glass – Another Delivery On Time!Watch this video on YouTube

US warns against cryptocurrency

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issues a warning to consumers that says cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin have significant risks because they are unregulated: If you trust someone else to hold your virtual currencies and something goes wrong, that company may not offer you the kind of help you expect from a bank or debit […]

Acquires Zofari

Yahoo acquires Zofari, an application that recommends places users might enjoy based on places they have already been. Yahoo: Zofari and Yahoo share a common goal to make the world an easier place to explore for as many people as possible. We’re thrilled to welcome the team to Yahoo, where they will join our growing Search […]

Promoted Video

Twitter announces the Promoted Video program, where advertisers can pay to have their videos appear in people’s Twitter stream. The videos do not play automatically, and advertisers are only charged when users view the video: In the spirit of making campaign setup easier, we now offer advertisers the ability to run ads with a new […]

10 million PS4 sales

Sony announces that PlayStation 4 sales have exceeded 10 million units, and that over 30 million games have been sold for the platform. The company thanks the players for helping them reach this milestone: PlayStation Nation: Thank you! We just announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold through more than 10 million units worldwide –- […]

Diversity report: Mostly white, male

Apple releases a diversity report which shows that most of the highest earning employees are white and male. CEO Tim Cook says he is not happy with that fact and plans to take steps to make the Apple workforce more inclusive: As CEO, I’m not satisfied with the numbers on this page. They’re not new […]

Study: Twitter causes ‘psychotic symptoms’

A case-study published in the Journal of Nervous And Mental Disease says that Twitter may have been the cause of psychotic symptoms in a woman called “Mrs. C.” The article says she showed no signs of mental illness until she became obsessed with Twitter and developed delusions of hidden messages behind people’s tweets. The researchers […]

$25 smartphone: Nokia 130

Microsoft announces the Nokia 130, which retails for $25 or 19 euros. The phone will only be available in select countries in Asia and Africa. It is intended to be a reliable, basic phone that includes features like video playback, a FM radio and a battery that can last 36 days on standby or 13 […]

FASTER underwater cable

Google invests $300,000,000 in FASTER, an underwater cable that will connect Japan and the United States in order to make internet connections faster in Asia. At Google we want our products to be fast and reliable, and that requires a great network infrastructure, whether it’s for the more than a billion Android users or developers […]

14 nanometer chip

Intel announces a processor that is only 14 nanometers long, called the Intel® Core™ M. They say this small chip will be useful in a variety of devices including servers and personal computers: Intel’s 14nm technology will be used to manufacture a wide range of high-performance to low-power products including servers, personal computing devices and […]

Dubai public transport navigation

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) uses Glass’s Step by Step feature to allow people to navigate the public transport system easily. Glass users can also access route maps and departure times. A spokesperson for the RTA says that this feature is aimed mainly at tourists: Google Glass is not officially launched in UAE but […]

NASA: Glass not optimal for space

After conducting a series of underwater tests, NASA concludes that Glass is not a useful tool for astronauts in its current state due to its limited battery and difficulty of use: Google Glass is a promising technology but needs to overcome battery life, display viewing and scrolling issues in order to be an operational useful […]

General Motors tests Glass

A representative of General Motors says they are testing three pairs of Glass to see what uses it has in their manufacturing process. He says about a dozen employees have used Glass on the factory floor and they may expand the project in the future: We’ve barely touched the frontier of what this type of […]

HTTPS ranked higher on search

Google announces that sites that use HTTPS encryption will rank higher on search results than sites that use HTTP. This is done in an effort to make the internet more secure. They say the initial boost in search rank is small, but they hope to increase it in the future: We’re starting to use HTTPS as […]

Lists ‘right to be forgotten’ pages

The Wikimedia Foundation objects to the “right to be forgotten” European Union court ruling by making a page that contains a list of the results from Wikipedia that are removed from Google. They say that results may also be removed from other search engines but if so, they do not provide proper notices: We are […]

Free internet for low income

Comcast offers six months of free internet access to people who apply for its Internet Essentials program, which offers discounted internet access to families with at least one child in the National School Lunch Program. After the six month period, internet access costs $9.95 per month. Comcast executive vice president David Cohen says this change […]

Gmail scanned for child abuse

Google develops the technology to scan Gmail accounts for photos that show evidence of child abuse. The existence of the software is revealed by police when it leads to the arrest of a pedophile in Texas. Google says they have the right to scan emails sent using their server: A person has no legitimate expectation […]

Google barge sold

Google sells a barge it placed in Portland Harbor in late 2013, which was intended to be a fun place for people to go and learn about Google services. A towing service takes the barge away to be dismantled for scrap. A spokesperson from the city of Portland expresses disappointment: I was hoping for something […]

Objects to ‘right to be forgotten’

Google sends a letter to European data regulators saying they find it too challenging to enforce the ‘right to be forgotten’ regulation a European Union court established. The ruling says that people should be able to request that inaccurate search results about them be removed from search engines. However, Google says in the letter that […]

Celery cryptocurrency exchange

BTX Trader, a cryptocurrency trading platform, launches Celery. It is an exchange that aims to make buying Bitcoin and Dogecoin easy for first time users. CTO Divya Thakur says they chose to support Dogecoin because of its community: We think dogecoin is a great community. It’s used in sites like reddit, it’s much higher volume […]

Fire Phone #1 on Amazon

The Amazon Fire Phone becomes the top selling smartphone on Amazon’s website. Amazon declines to provide exact sales statistics to the news site Quartz.

Fire challenge injures teens

Several teenagers in Cape Girardeau, Missouri are severely burnt after emulating “fire challenge” videos from YouTube and Facebook. They involve people putting alcohol or perfume on their skin and setting it on fire to see if they can handle the pain. Cape Girardeau Fire Battalion Chief Mark Starnes says many people have been taken to the […]

911 calls during Facebook outage

Sergeant Burton Brink from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tweets that people should not call 911 when Facebook is down. He says that multiple people called the emergency line during a one-hour period where Facebook was inaccessible. #Facebook is not a Law Enforcement issue, please don't call us about it being down, we don't know […]

Android fake ID security flaw

Bluebox Security releases a report that shows that Android’s application ID system does not properly check to make sure application IDs are legitimate. This makes it so that, for instance, a fake Google Wallet application could be created to steal people’s money: Every Android application has its own unique identity, typically inherited from the corporate […]

Throttles ‘unlimited’ 4G LTE plans

Verizon announces it plans to begin throttling the top 5% of downloaders on its 4G LTE plans. As of July 2014, this means people who download about 5 GB per month. The users are still able to use data while throttled but if the network has high traffic, they top 5% of data users will […]

Google Fiber property damage

Over a dozen homeowners in Kansas City, Missouri file complaints alleging that Google Fiber installation damaged their property. The complaints include damaged lawns, driveways, and utility lines. A Google spokeswoman says they try their best to leave people’s property in better condition than it is in when they arrive: Our crews also take that extra […]

Dogecoin dev criticizes Litecoin

Dogecoin developer Ileti rejects Litecoin’s offer to merge mining and claims that Litecoin is actually the weaker coin due to a lack of developer interest in it: If users were to lose faith in Doge, and wanted to try another crypto – LTC is not what I’d recommend them to. LTC is currently surviving only […]

Character model update

Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten tweets a possible update to the Minecraft character skins which involves changing the arms from four to three pixels in width. He explains that it would be an optional feature. Testing a possible feature for the future, an optional (via your profile) 3-pixel arm model for players: — Jens Bergensten (@jeb_) […]

Oculus acquisition complete

Regulators approve Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus. Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion in March 2014, but it takes time for state and local anti-trust teams to approve the acquisition. The companies release a joint statement: We’re looking forward to an exciting future together building the next computing platform and reimagining the way people communicate.


The hashtag #twitterpurge circulates on Twitter and involves posting nude photos of people who do not consent to it. The hashtag is inspired by the movie The Purge: Anarchy, where all crime is legal for one night per year. It is started by the account @Scv_Purge, which releases 17 photos of nude teenagers, and is […]

Upload speed boost

Verizon announces that it plans to upgrade its FiOS network so that customers have the same speed for uploads as for downloads. They point out that users today upload a lot of content, so they need a good upload speed: Today, we are content creators, gamers, memory-makers and teleworkers. We upload home videos onto YouTube, […]

Smart Rewards

Verizon launches its Smart Rewards program that pays customers for interactions with their online Verizon Wireless account, such as logging in, signing up for paperless billing, and paying their bill. These points can be used to get discounts on hotels, car rentals, and more: Most of us could not imagine life without our wireless phones; […]

Bookmark function for posts

Facebook creates a feature where users can save posts to read later: Every day, people find all sorts of interesting items on Facebook that they don’t have time to explore right away. Now you can save items that you find on Facebook to check out later when you have more time. You can save items […]

Temporary plant shutdown

Tesla Motors shuts down its California plant for two weeks to install new robots which are expected to boost production by 25%. The upgrade costs $100,000,000. This represents the single biggest investment in the plant since we really started operations and enables us for higher volumes. It gets us ready to build X and to […]

Dell accepts Bitcoin

Dell begins accepting Bitcoin as payment for purchases on its website. The Bitcoin exchange Coinbase converts the Bitcoin into USD automatically for Dell. A Dell spokesperson says this comes as a result of customer demand: We put this together quickly as a result of listening to our customers. It’s another way for customers to have […]

Chrome blocks uTorrent

Google Chrome begins blocking downloads of the latest build of uTorrent. It says the file is “malicious” and Chrome has “blocked” it from being downloaded. Users can override this and download the file anyway, but Chrome displays a second warning: This file will harm your computer. Even if you have downloaded files from this website […]

Bing offers ‘right to be forgotten’

Bing begins complying with a European Union court ruling that says people have a right to have their personal information deleted from search results. They offer a form where users can submit requests for search result removals. They say they plan to evaluate the merits of each request and do not guarantee removal of any […]

Chrome OS redesign

A Google employee shows an early version of a Chrome OS redesign called Athena on his Google+ page. The design features multiple windows, which departs from the “browser window” feel of Chrome OS before Athena.

Second leaked iPhone display test

YouTube user Marques Brownlee releases a second scratch test on what he claims is an iPhone 6 sapphire display obtained from a factory, as well as an iPhone 5 for comparison. The iPhone 5 shows much heavier damage than the iPhone 6, but he says the fact that he is able to scratch the iPhone […]

Lewis responds to Yogventures

Yogscast co-owner Lewis Brindley makes a post on Reddit saying he disagrees with the way Winterkewl Games is handling the Yogventures project. He says he regrets trusting them without verifying that they are capable of making such a large game: I would just like to say that this project was started when The Yogscast was […]

Blogger fined for Google placement

A French court rules that food critic Caroline Doudet must pay a fine of €1,500 ($2,000) because her negative review of a restaurant is too high on the Google search results and may affect business. She also must rename her post, The Place to Avoid in Cap-Ferret: Il Giardino, to something that is less likely […]

Litecoin proposes Dogecoin mining merge

Litecoin founder Charlie Lee offers to merge mining for Litecoin and Dogecoin, meaning users would receive Litecoin and Dogecoin simultaneously when mining. He says that Dogecoin is too unstable on its own and is destined to fail if they do not take his offer: Dogecoin was not designed to survive. I’ve reached out to the Dogecoin […]

Street View detects gas leaks

Google partners with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to include methane sensors on its Street View cars in Boston, Staten Island, and Indianapolis. They use this data to create a publicly available map of the location and severity of natural gas leaks, which they hope will motivate cities to take action. EDF associate vice president […]

Modifies application price categories

The European Comission announces that Google agrees to classify games that offer in-app purchases as paid instead of free, even if they do not require any payment upfront. This is done to comply with a European Commission guideline set to prevent children from accidentally making in-app purchases: Google has decided on a number of changes. Implementation is […]