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17 Nov, 2014

Database held to ransom

Mayor Duggan says that among cybercrimes victimizing Detroit, a city database was frozen in April and held hostage for a ransom of 2,000 bitcoins, worth $803,500 at the current exchange rate of $401.75. Duggan says the money wasn’t paid, and the city didn’t need to use the database, but that it raised awareness about computer crimes:

It was a good warning sign for us

11 Aug, 2014

US warns against cryptocurrency

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issues a warning to consumers that says cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin have significant risks because they are unregulated:

If you trust someone else to hold your virtual currencies and something goes wrong, that company may not offer you the kind of help you expect from a bank or debit or credit card provider.

25 Jul, 2014

Celery cryptocurrency exchange

BTX Trader, a cryptocurrency trading platform, launches Celery. It is an exchange that aims to make buying Bitcoin and Dogecoin easy for first time users. CTO Divya Thakur says they chose to support Dogecoin because of its community:

We think dogecoin is a great community. It’s used in sites like reddit, it’s much higher volume than bitcoin tipping and there’s really no good hosted wallet for dogecoin.

18 Jul, 2014

Dell accepts Bitcoin

Makes Statement

Dell begins accepting Bitcoin as payment for purchases on its website. The Bitcoin exchange Coinbase converts the Bitcoin into USD automatically for Dell. A Dell spokesperson says this comes as a result of customer demand:

We put this together quickly as a result of listening to our customers. It’s another way for customers to have a relationship with Dell.

Dell now accepts bitcoin

16 Jul, 2014

Bitcoin conversion on Google

Google partners with digital wallet Coinbase to bring instant Bitcoin conversions to search results. Users can convert between Bitcoin and other currencies by, for instance, typing “1 Bitcoin to USD” into the search bar. Coinbase says:

Now that Coinbase’s API is being used on Google, anyone who uses Google can see a graph of current and past bitcoin values compared to US dollars. They can also use Google’s currency converter to determine how many dollars equal how many bitcoin, and vice versa.

9 Jul, 2014

Hustler accepts cryptocurrency

Adult entertainment website offers a lifetime or annual membership to the site in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. The payments are handled by GoCoin digital payment processor. Hustler founder Larry Flynt says:

By partnering with GoCoin, our subscribers get extra privacy, and HUSTLER stays ahead of the curve by accepting new digital currencies.

28 Jun, 2014

California legalizes alternative currency

Jerry Brown, the governor of California, passes a bill that reverses the state’s ban on alternative currencies. This includes rewards programs like Amazon Coins as well as crptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. The bill reads:

This bill makes clarifying changes to current law to ensure that various forms of alternative currency such as digital currency, points, coupons, or other objects of monetary value do not violate the law when those methods are used for the purchase of goods and services or the transmission of payments.

27 Jun, 2014

Silk Road auction

U.S. Marshalls prepare to auction 30,000 Bitcoins seized from Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht. Potential bidders must register and make a refundable deposit of $200,000 for the auction, scheduled for June 27.

25 Jun, 2014

Competing for first Bitcoin exchange

Sources tell the Post that Andreessen is competing with Nasdaq to create the first regulated Bitcoin exchange. Andreessen has reportedly reached out to the NY Department of Financial Exchange for more information on the upcoming rules. Andreessen declines to comment on the reports.

22 Jun, 2014

Banned from US conference

In a last minute US government decision, former Bitcoin Foundation member Charlie Shrem is forbidden from speaking at the Bitcoin in the Beltway conference, due to his indictment for a $1 million dollar money laundering offense.

5 Jun, 2014

Ebay will integrate Bitcoin

In an interview on CNBC Donahoe says that PayPal plans to start dealing in Bitcoins and other digital currencies soon.

We’re going to have to integrate digital currencies in our wallet

Donoho also explained why he owns some:

I’m not buying it as an investment. I’m buying it to understand how it can be used. I think there are two sides of it, the investment side and the digital currency side. I’m more interested in the digital currency side about how you and I can exchange value seamlessly using technology.

2 Jun, 2014

Apple may allow Bitcoin apps

Apple releases an update to their App Store Review Guidelines  regarding virtual currencies, which may lead to Bitcoin app development and future acceptance of Bitcoin payments through App store:

Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions.

Jun 2014

Sweden Central Bank praises Bitcoin

Sveriges Riksbank publishes a report addressing the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin, focusing on a number of economic and social benefits of the system.

Virtual currency is one of many innovations on the Swedish payment market. it, like other innovations, is essentially positive, as it can contribute to meeting new payment needs and to making payments cheaper and more secure.

30 May, 2014

Tokyo gets first ATM

Bitcoin ATM Pink CowTechinAsia reports Tokyo’s first fully operational Bitcoin ATM opens in The Pink Cow, a restaurant and bar in the middle of Roppongi that’s popular with ex-pats, artists and musicians. The restaurant was the first restaurant in Japan to accept Bitcoin and hosts meetups for Bitcoin fans. The ATM had been used 75 times since it was unveiled. Traci Consoli, the American owner says:

If someone isn’t the guinea pig, the first to do it and say it works, then it will take twice as long to get the ball rolling in Japan. Japan has been slow and skeptical. There was definitely a drop-off after Mt. Gox, so the new people must have gotten scared. But still, 50 people showed up at the Bitcoin meetup we hosted a month after it crashed

19 May, 2014

‘Bitcoin will be bigger than Facebook’


Speaking to the Guardian the Winklevoss twins say Bitcoin could be bigger than Facebook:

Bitcoin potentially could be more impactful because being able to donate 50 cents to someone across the world has more impact than potentially sharing a picture,” he explains. “But they’re very different. Facebook is like the internet – a large company and an application. Bitcoin is a protocol for decentralisation, so you could build a decentralised company on top of it, a stock market. It’s an internet of ownership, so it’s not quite a direct comparison.” In the same way Facebook encouraged us to be socially open, bitcoin encourages us to be financially open.

The twins also predict that large financial institutions will get involved in the protocol this year:

If a new technology comes out and the incumbent doesn’t evolve, then they generally lose. When it gets to tipping point it’s usually not a long fight. It’s a category killer.

16 May, 2014

Handsfree Bitcoin transactions introduced

Startup developer Eaze introduces Nod to Pay, an application that allows consumers to pay for goods in Bitcoins with Google Glass. Users add their Bitcoin wallet information to the application and scan a QR code from the merchant which displays the cost on their display. Then two nods of the head send the payment to the seller’s Bitcoin wallet.

EAZE introduces "Nod To Pay" service combining Google Glass and Bitcoin

8 Apr, 2014

Steps down as lead developer

Andresen steps down as lead developer for Bitcoin Foundation today. His responsibilities of maintaining core code for the Bitcoin system were given to Wladimir van der Laan, a dutch computer scientist with a PhD in computer graphics.

Andresen will continue his role as Chief Scientist of Bitcoin Foundation and said he will enjoy being able to concentrate more on protocol-level Bitcoin issues.

I enjoy coding, and I think I’ll be most effective as Chief Scientist if I don’t lose touch with engineering reality and make the mistake of building huge, beautiful, theoretical castles that exist only as whitepapers.

30 Mar, 2014

Israeli Bitcoin ATM

The first of its kind in the country, a Bitcoin ATM is installed at the Bitcoin embassy in Tel Aviv. Unlike standard ATM machines that enable consumers to withdraw cash, this machine credits customers with virtual Bitcoins after depositing cash into the machine. Embassy employee Ayal Segev comments:

I am proud that the embassy has made the first Bitcoin vending machine available in Israel. This is part of our mission, to make Bitcoins accessible to the general public.

24 Dec, 2013

Reserve Bank of India risk warning


The Reserve Bank of India warns citizens that virtual currencies (VCs) including Bitcoins, Dogecoins, and Litecoins could be dangerous.

The creation, trading or usage of VCs including Bitcoins, as a medium for payment are not authorised by any central bank or monetary authority. No regulatory approvals, registration or authorisation is stated to have been obtained by the entities concerned for carrying on such activities. As such, they may pose several risks to their users.

5 Dec, 2013

Bank of America values Bitcoin


Bank of America becomes the first major bank to begin analyst coverage of Bitcoin. David Woo, FX and Rate Strategist for Bank of America, declares that Bitcoin has a maximum market capitalization of $15 billion and one Bitcoin has a maximum fair trade value of $1,300:

We believe Bitcoin could become a major means of payment for e-commerce and may emerge as a serious competitor to traditional money-transfer providers.

30 Nov, 2013

Largest ever Bitcoin donation


Ver donates 1000BTC (almost $1 million) to the Foundation for Electronic Education after losing a bet he made on the value of Bitcoin:

A  little over two years ago I made a bet for $10,000 that bitcoin would outperform gold, silver, the US stock market and the US dollar by more than one hundred times over the next two years…I’m here today to say that I was wrong,  In reality it took about two years and two months for bitcoin to outperform everything else by more than a hundred times. Over that time, gold and silver are down, the stock market is up about 45 per cent, but Bitcoin is up more than 15,000 per cent,  or more than three hundred times everything else.

Bitcoin: $1,000,000 Bet Final Update!

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