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17 Jul, 2015

Record high: 5210

The Nasdaq Composite reaches a record closing and intraday high. It increases by 46.96 points to 5210.14, a 0.9% increase. This surge is due in large part due to a rise in both the Google Class A and Class C stocks.

Google pushes index to high: 5210

A major rally in Google stock pushes the Nasdaq to a second straight record high. The Nasdaq Composite closes at 5210.14 as Google rises 16.26% and closes on an all-time high of $699.92.

29 Apr, 2015



The Nasdaq stock market apologizes for early release of Twitter results. Official statement:

The posting was caused by an operational issue that exposed the release on Twitter’s IR [investor relations] website for approximately 45 seconds.

25 Jun, 2014

Competing for first Bitcoin exchange

Sources tell the Post that Andreessen is competing with Nasdaq to create the first regulated Bitcoin exchange. Andreessen has reportedly reached out to the NY Department of Financial Exchange for more information on the upcoming rules. Andreessen declines to comment on the reports.

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