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11 Aug, 2014

$25 smartphone: Nokia 130

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Microsoft announces the Nokia 130, which retails for $25 or 19 euros. The phone will only be available in select countries in Asia and Africa. It is intended to be a reliable, basic phone that includes features like video playback, a FM radio and a battery that can last 36 days on standby or 13 hours of talk time:

The Nokia 130 is an ideal handset for first-time mobile phone buyers, or for people seeking a reliable backup phone to complement their existing smartphones. It’s built to last, with a 1.8-inch color display and outstanding battery life of up to 36 days’ standby for the single-SIM variant and 26 days’ standby for the dual-SIM device. In design and quality, the Nokia 130 stands out among devices priced below $35.

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