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Google: Don’t be a Glasshole

31 May, 2014

Google releases a list of do’s and don’ts for using Glass politely. Google suggests using Glass to explore the world and interact with others, using screen locks, using the voice commands, and contributing to the Glass Explorer community. However, they advise against zoning out for long periods of time while staring at the screen, engaging in high-impact sports, being rude about attention the device garners, and being a Glasshole:

Don’t be creepy or rude (aka, a “Glasshole”). Respect others and if they have questions about Glass don’t get snappy. Be polite and explain what Glass does and remember, a quick demo can go a long way. In places where cell phone cameras aren’t allowed, the same rules will apply to Glass. If you’re asked to turn your phone off, turn Glass off as well. Breaking the rules or being rude will not get businesses excited about Glass and will ruin it for other Explorers.

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