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Push And Shove

21 Sep, 2012

The band releases their song, Push And Shove, featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer, from the album with the same name. Stefani:

With this¬†record, I kept waiting for the title to come, and everyone’s like ‘What’s it going to be?’ And up until the very last minute, we didn’t have anything. But I wasn’t worried about it; because it always appears at a certain point. Push and Shove the song was one of the tracks we were working on last … and we got so excited about that song, it just finally all came together, and it felt like the kind of song that was everything we’ve ever been, yet it was new and modern. The record had been such a journey, and so hard to actually finish, we really had to fight to get to the end … so it kind of rose to the top [as a title]; like ‘Yeah, that’s what this whole thing was.’ It just seemed to sum it all up.

No Doubt - Push And Shove ft. Busy Signal, Major Lazer

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