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21 Oct, 2014

‘ISIS threatens region’

Terror Incident

Abadi says during crisis talks in Tehran that ISIS and other groups are intent on dividing Muslims.

Iraq is not fighting terrorism only. It is an extensive war with all these groups. It’s a threat to the region and these terrorist groups are trying to create a division between Shiites and Sunnis

He appears to limit Iran’s scope to participate, saying that ‘foreign powers’ won’t fight the group.
9 Sep, 2014

Congratulates Abadi

A White House statement says that Obama called Abadi shortly after the formation of the new government to congratulate him. The main topic of discussion is the U.S. government’s hopes that the new administration will be more inclusive of Iraq’s various ethnic groups, and that a unity government will help strengthen the fight against ISIS and improve the security situation:

The president applauded the efforts of Prime Minister Abadi and other Iraqi leaders in forming a new, broad-based government, and underscored the need for the United States and Iraq to continue working closely with the international community to build on recent actions to counter the threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

8 Sep, 2014

Forms new government

Iraq’s parliament votes to officially name Abadi as Prime Minister and approves most of his appointments to the new cabinet. Abadi requests an additional week to name his appointments for security and defense ministers. Outgoing Prime Minister Maliki is given the post of co-vice president along with former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and former Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Nujeifi. Kurdish politician and former Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari is named as one of three deputy prime ministers while former prime minister Ibrahim al-Jafaari is named foreign minister. Abadi says in a speech that he shares the hopes of the international community that a more representative government in Iraq will reduce sectarian tensions and allow a united effort to improve the security situation. He pledges support for ongoing military operations against ISIS and other militant groups by the Iraqi military, armed volunteers and Kurdish forces:

[The government will] back the military operations in all the areas of confrontation against the armed gangs and the forces of terrorism and ensuring their continuation till victory is achieved.

The government’s Kurdish faction debates whether to join the parliamentary session for several hours beforehand, and eventually joins after the session has begun. Abadi says his administration will also address their concerns over representation:

My government is committed to solve all suspended issues with the Kurdistan Regional Government

23 Aug, 2014

Bombings kill 35

A wave of bombings kills at least 35 across Iraq in apparent revenge attacks for the massacre of Sunni worshipers at a mosque in Diyala a day earlier. In Baghdad, a bomber rams a vehicle into an intelligence headquarters, killing at least eight people while near Tikrit, a suicide bomber driving a military Humvee packed with explosives attacks a gathering of soldiers and Shiite militias, killing nine. Another three bombings that appeared to target Kurdish forces kill 18 people in Kirkuk city, 155 miles north of Baghdad. A bomb is also reported in the Kurdish Autonomous city of Arbil, and local television shows firefighters dousing the burnt remains of a car.

22 Aug, 2014

Diyala mosque attack kills 73

Death CountTerror Incident

An attack by suspected Shia militia kills dozens of Sunni worshipers at a mosque in Diyala province. A suicide bomber apparently blows himself up at the Bani Wais village mosque south of the city of Baquba, about 75 miles from Baghdad, and militants also machinegun worshipers in an attack thought to be a retaliation for a bombing of the militia group’s recruiting drive. Death toll estimates rise to at least 73 including at least one child. Al-Abadi:

I strongly condemn the killing of civilians and worshipers in Diyala province and I call on the citizens to reject these attempts by the enemies of Iraq to exploit the incident in order to stir up strife between the sons of the same homeland.

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