Henry Winkler

The Waterboy

6 Nov, 1998

In this sports comedy directed by Frank Coraci. Winkler plays Coach Klein, a mentally unstable college football coach with a losing team. Klein sees no chance for his team until Bobby Boucher comes looking for a job as waterboy. Not only can Boucher supply great tasting water, but he sure can play football too and save Klein’s career – as long as his Mama doesn’t find out.  Also starring Adam Sandler and Kathy Bates.

Do you know that people still talk to me about The Waterboy as if it came out yesterday? All over the world, people talk to me, and in the same way that another generation puts their thumb up for The Fonz, there is a whole generation that comes up and goes “Gaaatorade.” It’s a very nice thing.

The waterboy coach

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