Hillary ClintonInterview

AS First Lady interview


Clinton is interviewed about becoming Arkansas first lady. She talks about privacy, the couple’s young age, children, and her relationship:

I’m very lucky because I married Bill when he was a defeated politician. He had lost his race for Congress, and I had known him for a period of time before that in law school, before I ever knew really that he was interested in politics and had an opportunity to get to know him. We have, for me, an excellent marriage. I’m not sure that it would suit other people, because the kinds of strains that we’ve been talking about, being in the public eye, being separated from one another are ones that not everyone could live with…But I really believe in what he’s doing, I think that he’s a superb human being as well as a good politician, so that for me, those are sacrifices that I’m willing to make, and he’s very supportive of me and everything that I do, and I try to do as much as I can for him so that, I think there are strains in any marriage, and a political marriage, of course, has strains, but I’m not so sure that any marriage doesn’t have their own particular kinds of strains and each couple has to work out an accommodation for whatever reasons there may be. So that we’ve worked out ours and we’re very happy , and I just hope that other people can work our their strains as well as I think we have.

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