Beheaded man with Down Syndrome

20 Oct, 2014

Kurdish rights activist Bazran Halil and his wife, Raushan, say the group beheaded a man with Down Syndrome in Kobani and impose horrific punishments for violating what they say is Islamic law. Bazran in an interview in Turkey:

There was a man with Down Syndrome. He couldn’t understand the situation, to flee, or to run away from the frontline. When ISIS arrived they beheaded him and took photos, shared them on social media and said ‘we killed an atheist, a Kaffir’.


For smoking, they chop your fingers off. Drinking is punished by jail. And if a woman is seen in the company of a man who is not her relative, she is stoned to death.

They say ISIS also abducted a group of high-schoolers in Aleppo for exams and made the boys study Shariah law in a mosque, shocking them with electric cables if they did not learn quickly enough.

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