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James Marsden

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8 Oct, 2014

Marsden, Monaghan interview


Seacrest interviews Marsden and Monaghan during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about working with Liana Liberato in the film The Best Of Me. Monaghan:

I was [happy with the casting]. Liana Liberato, she’s an amazing young actress, really talented and really cute to boot.


My young guy was definitely an upgrade.

1 Oct, 2014

Los Angeles Confidential cover

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james-marsden-handsome-la-confidential-men-issueMarsden appears on the cover of the October 2014 issue of Los Angeles Confidential magazine. He talks about acting, his role as Cyclops in X-Men and Beyond, and being cast as the pretty boy.

When I was younger, I was always going to be cast as the preppy, good-looking guy at school. It was a good thing when I was 19. That helped me get work, and within those opportunities, I tried to show that there was more ability…more talent. My main struggle was I never thought myself as the cool guy because I wasn’t that guy in high school…I see myself more as James Bond’s goofy younger brother, as opposed to James Bond.

12 Oct, 2007

Elle Magazine interview

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Marsden gives interview to Elle Magazine about what his wife complains about when he is not around.

I’m going to see if I can guess this right. Not helping as much with the kids as I should? She says no. Wanting sex too much? Not that either. Oh, that’s it: When I’m getting ready to start work on a job, I turn into a vegetable, like I’ve gotten a lobotomy. I always think that I’m going to mess it up and it will be my last job. So I check out for a couple weeks before I start. It drives her crazy.