Jennifer LopezShape MagazineInterview

Shape Magazine interview

8 Jan, 2015

Lopez talks to Shape Magazine about getting in shape with BodyLab.

I think at a certain point, women especially around my age, we’ve given up. We have kids and a career and so many responsibilities, and we give up on ourselves. We think, ’I can’t do it.‘ But you can. And that’s why we created the BodyLab seven Day Starter Kit. It’s a blueprint for how to reset your body’s metabolism. It’s a detox, a cleanse, and a probiotic with a seven day total burn. It kick starts everything. It gives you better energy, it starts having your system work in a better way. You’ll drop a couple of pounds, but its not about dropping ten pounds in one week. That’s not what we’re promoting here. Its about getting your body to work better, and you will feel better when you do the seven day cleanse.

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Jennifer LopezShape Magazine

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