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31 Aug, 2014

McCarthy, Wahlberg marry


McCarthy and Wahlberg marry at the historic Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Illinois, outside of McCarthy’s hometown. McCarthy wears a gown that was purchased at Berdorf Goodman. This is the second marriage for both.

I could get married in Kentucky Fried Chicken. I don’t care as long as the heart is in the ceremony.

27 Jun, 2014

Quits The View

Shortly after news broke that Shepherd is leaving McCarthy announces her exit.

My View will be changing too. As will with many hard working folks. Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year.

McCarthy also expressed support for her co-star Shepherd.

1 May, 2014

Shape cover

Magazine Cover

Shape Magazine features McCarthy on the cover and  inside the issue McCarthy tells about her marriage proposal from Donnie Walhberg.

One afternoon, my son walked into the living room with a piece of paper that read, Will. He ran out, then he came back with another piece that said, You. Then he came back with another piece that read, Marry. Then Donnie walked in wearing a t­-shirt that said,Me? He was carrying the ring, he got down on his knee in front of Evan, and I said yes.

16 Apr, 2014

McCarthy, Wahlberg engaged

jmMcCarthy and Wahlberg get engaged. The pair met on Watch What Happens Live in 2013 and have been together since. McCarthy on the proposal with her son’s help:

This weekend I was sitting with Donnie and he went into the other room and out came Evan with a card that said ‘Will.’ And he ran away and came back with a card that said ‘You,’ and I knew what was happening and I just started crying. And then he came out with a card that said ‘Marry,’ but it was spelled ‘Mary,’ and the last time Donnie came out with Evan and Evan’s shirt said ‘Me?’ and he was holding the ring. He asked, ‘Will you marry me?’ I of course said yes. And in that moment, Evan yelled, ‘I have another dad! I have another dad.’ And it was just—it made all of us cry. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. He’s so wonderful.

20 Dec, 2012

Shape cover

Magazine Cover

1356016855_jenny-mccarthy-lgMcCarthy appears on the cover of the January/February 2013 issue of Shape magazine. She talks about how she stays fit.

Lunges, sit ups and pushups — because I’m kind of working my whole body. Planking is still an awesome exercise for the core and your arms.

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